What is the difference between Darwin and Mendel

If Darwin had known Mendel .... the statements of the theory of evolution would have presented themselves very conclusively as early as 1870 and would not have had to lead many debates.

Darwin and Mendel were contemporaries: Darwin was born in England in 1809, and Mendel was born in Germany in 1822. Their groundbreaking publications took place very close together:

Darwin's "On the Origin of Species" appeared in 1859. The book achieved an enormous number of copies for the time. Darwin would what in biology Newton in physics (Principia Corpórum, 1687) and Lavoisier in chemistry (Traité élémentaire de chimie, 1789) was: The natural sciences separated from the church and explained the world from itself, not from interpretations.

Mendel's "Attempts at Plant Hybrids" appeared in 1866 in a small edition. In 1881 his work appeared a second time in an anthology with other works. And the importance of his work continued to go unnoticed. In 1900 three researchers wanted to publish their crossbreeding results and independently determined: Oh, Mr. Mendel clarified and named this 34 years ago.

Now there is the legend that Mendel sent his publication from 1866 to England, too, to Mr Darwin, with the English-language note: "This may help you to explain the inheritance of traits to explain)". But Mendel's book had just been written in German - and remained untranslated on Darwin's desk.

The presentation can now quite simply - there are the first 8 points for it - repeat Mendel's findings that are useful for the theory of evolution in 15 minutes:
- The transfer of each inheritable feature in one version in each case in the "Gametes"- which means vice versa: At fertilization the human being is fixed in his genetic characteristics. Later experience does not affect the inheritance, on which"Germline"from. The Mendelian terms P / F1 / F2 generation belong here, the definition of what a characteristic is a hybrid and a gamet.
- The sexual one crossing as the cause of a "gentle mixture" of characteristics (Darwin came up with it by himself in "Selection in Relation to Sex" in 1871, but remained without precision). Here you can first and second Mendel's rule, as well as backcrossing, cite.
- Carrying on recessive traits in mixed beings without being seen in the phenotype: So the "pool" of characteristics of a population exceeds what it shows to the outside world. The third Mendelian rule belongs here.

Now the ZLN Darwin's basic concepts "mendelize":
- selection chooses from a range of polyhybrids (individuals with different hereditary characteristics).
- Every individual is made up of millions of distinctive features. In the simple case, each characteristic is inherited independently of the other. That leads to Gene pool of a population.
- There are the gradual evolution by selection within the given gene pool.
- Added to that mutation. A new hereditary trait appears in a population - and is included in the selection.

The balance sheet of the unit

If Darwin had known Mendel, Darwin's publications would have been different from 1866 onwards. Darwin would very likely have adopted Mendel's terms - because even the researchers did so in 1900 when they rediscovered Mendel.
In the debates against Darwin, a reworking, confirmation and refinement of Mendel's findings (intermediate inheritance, crossover) would have started. A correct doctrine of inheritance - as published by Mendel - would have accelerated the theory of evolution by about 20 years.

Mendel, it becomes very hypothetical here, but would have followed the same path in life with recognition as a researcher as without recognition. Furthermore, he would have remained abbot in the Abbey of Altbrünn.

Wikipedia notes on this historical path of science that did not take place:

"Mendel's first proof that the overall genetic information of a living being is composed of individual genes was also an important contribution to the support of the selection theory published by Charles Darwin in 1859, which was confronted with the objection that newly created characteristics were caused by" mixing Inheritance "would be thinned out and disappeared over the generations and the selection brought into play by Darwin would thus find no point of attack."

Based on this "flop of the scientific system", the presentation may ask: Is something like this still going on today? Well, when it comes to uncomfortable topics such as nuclear power (world of the energy industry), genetically modified food (world of food supply), climate change (world of future care) and Stuttgart 21 (world of economically momentous architecture), it is said again and again that basic, correct information was exchanged early on through interest-driven later information ....