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Finding the best adjustable dumbbells can often take time, as there are so many to choose from. Before you buy, you also have to deal with the most important properties and narrow down your search a little. If you don't have time for this, we advise you to simply follow our purchase recommendation. In this we have already done most of the research work for you, so that you can save a lot of time. We can recommend the Bestope HZ124G-VEUK brush set, as it works very precisely and does not waste any make-up. Alternatively, we can recommend the brushes from Luvia Cosmetics LC-BRT-PV if you are looking for a vegan premium product that is also suitable for allergy sufferers.



Comparison table


2nd place

The high-quality set convinces with a vegan premium quality and a very chic design. It is therefore not only extremely practical and easy to clean, but also a real eye-catcher. The brush set also comes with a brush holder, a protective box and a bag made of the finest Italian satin.

Since the set is of a very high quality and has a particularly detailed design, this unfortunately also affects the price. This is relatively high.

The high-quality, extremely practical set is ideal for you if you are looking for a vegan premium product. It is also visually very sophisticated and comes with many useful extras, such as a brush holder, a bag made of satin and a protective box. Plus point: It is available in many beautiful colors.

3. Also interesting

The optically sophisticated, vegan set is of very high quality and has been produced ethically. It is very extensive, easy to clean and, among other things, also suitable for allergy sufferers. It is available in bright red, light pink, an elegant rose gold or a classic black.

The set has a slightly higher price because it is of high quality and vegan.

The high-quality set is produced under ethically correct conditions and is vegan or cruelty-free. It is ideal as a gift, is very extensively equipped and delivers very good results. It is also easy to clean and available in a wide range of elegant colors.



Make-up brush sets purchase advice


If you want to buy a make-up brush set, you should consider a few things, because the selection is large and there are many different set combinations with the most different types of brushes. Some sets even contain up to 50 brushes. Brush sets with 10 to 32 brushes are more common. In order to make the purchase decision easier for you and to be able to make a recommendation, we looked at a large number of products in the test and finally summarized the best make-up brush sets for you in 2021. But first we would like to tell you in our purchase advice which things you should pay particular attention to when buying. This makes it easier for you to find out which set is the best make-up brush set for your purposes and which is not.

Types of cosmetic brushes

There are a variety of different brushes that can be included in one set. We have briefly listed the nine most important types of brushes for you below and explain what properties they make.

Powder brush:A powder brush is a large, particularly soft brush that allows powder to be applied over a large area on the face. Thanks to the medium-strength bristles, the powder can be spread very easily on the face.

Concealer Brush:This is a very soft and mostly round brush with which concealer can be spread around the eye area very well. For this they are flat shaped and also allow a very selective application.

Foundation brush:These brushes are relatively flat in shape and relatively strong. Most of them are round. As an alternative to such a brush, you can also use a make-up egg made of silicone.

Blush Brush:A thick, soft brush that is slightly beveled is used for blush.

Highlight brush and bronzer: If you want to draw contours on your face, a stiff, relatively short brush is ideal.

Eyeshadow Brush:A soft, flat brush is ideal for eyeshadow. With it, the eyeshadow can be distributed over the entire surface. Color transitions can be created well with a bleder that has slightly longer and soft bristles.

Eyeliner brush:In order to be able to draw a clean eyeliner, you need a very fine, thin, but soft and slightly angled brush.

Eyebrow Brush:A short, slightly angled, firm brush is also ideal for the eyebrows. In addition, the eyebrows can be emphasized well with a powder.

Lip brush: If you want to emphasize your lips with lip color, a short, firm and small brush, which is usually round in shape, is very suitable. This allows the lip color to be applied sparingly and precisely.

Application and advantages

Although many brushes are suitable for several areas of application and are not necessarily designed for a specific area of ​​application, it of course makes sense to use a separate brush for each area and not to change them. Compared to buying brushes individually - even if you buy them on sale - a set is significantly cheaper, so it's definitely worth it if you plan to use several brushes anyway. A set is also ideal if you don't know exactly which brushes you want to use later. With a set you have a good selection and can try out accordingly.

The application itself is more or less self-explanatory. Most cosmetic and foundation brushes are designed so that the make-up can be applied in just the right amount. With powder brushes, you should make sure that you knock them out briefly before use to get rid of excess powder. Then the cosmetic products are applied from the bottom up, because this smooths the fine hairs on the face.

If you have slightly oily and therefore shiny skin in the T-zone, you can dab it lightly with a cosmetic tissue before using the brush.

Another special feature is the blush brush, because it should always be applied at the level of the ears and gently sloped down to the corners of the mouth. There is practically no pressure, so the transitions can be blended nicely. If you have light skin and / or hair, particularly delicate pink tones are recommended. Brownish nuances go well with slightly darker skin and, for example, brown hair.

Price range and differences

Make-up brushes have huge differences in quality and, accordingly, huge differences in price. Compared to simple sets, professional make-up brushes are characterized by a high quality of workmanship and a correspondingly long service life. The handles are neatly and well connected to the attachments and a recommended set also contains many different types of cosmetic brushes, so that a suitable brush is available for every application.

Real hair brushes are the most expensive, but they are characterized by the fact that they do not stick together as quickly and are usually also the most durable. Nevertheless, a real hair brush set is not absolutely necessary, especially in private use, although it naturally depends on how often you use the brush.

Make-up artists use brush sets, for example, which are significantly more expensive compared to entry-level sets. Nevertheless, certain brushes with synthetic bristles are also used here, as these can also be well suited for certain areas. Another advantage of synthetics can be that they are easier to clean. This can be beneficial if you find it annoying to clean the brushes regularly and wash them with mild detergents. Here, synthetic gives significantly more than real hair, which you should be a little more careful with when cleaning. Bottom line, the price comparison has shown that you can get a very good and at the same time inexpensive make-up brush set for well under 20 euros, which can do a good job in everyday life and is completely sufficient if it contains the most important brushes.


Make-up brush set test winner - top 5


If you are currently looking for a new brush set for your make-up, then we can certainly help you with our list of the best. Anyone who has professional make-up wants to be able to apply it in an equally professional manner. This can be achieved with the right brush for the respective area - and a little practice. In our top 5 in the “Best Make-Up Brush Sets 2021” category, we have put together our favorites for you to test.


Bestope HZ124G-VEUK Professional brush set 16 pieces


This professional brush set was able to assert itself as the best make-up brush in this series and is therefore our clear test winner. The inexpensive make-up brushes convince with an excellent price-performance ratio and the many different sizes that enable precise and clean work. They are also of a good size and weight, and are very soft. You may lose some hair at the beginning, but that will quickly pass. As soon as they are “worked in”, they no longer lose hair even when cleaning. The brushes are also well made and do not waste any make-up, as they pass it on well. In this way you save money when buying make-up, as everything is used optimally.

Another advantage is that lettering can also be made with it and the brushes can be used for make-up as well as for concealer, eye shadow and for contouring. It is also good that all brushes fit perfectly into the supplied bag, which is not always the case with many other sets.

The following items are included in the scope of delivery: face brush, eye shadow brush, eye brush, eyeliner, face powder, eye shadow and the bag. There are extra plus points for the fact that the brushes are available in beautiful colors such as rose gold and gold and that they can be purchased in different numbers. We can unreservedly recommend the product.

Price-performance ratio:

The inexpensive make-up brushes keep what they promise and were able to convince in the test with an excellent price-performance ratio.

Precise and clean work:

It is possible to work with it very precisely and cleanly. Lettering can also be done well with it.

The set is very extensive and can therefore be used very versatile. There is also a practical bag included.

The brushes take make-up well and don't waste anything.

Several colors and variants:

The brushes are available in fashionable colors such as rose gold and gold and can be purchased in different numbers.

Brush hairs fall off at the beginning:

The experience with the make-up brushes has shown that the brushes lose some of their hairs at the beginning.

Buy from Amazon.de (€ 12.99)





Luvia Cosmetics LC-BRT-PV


This make-up brush set is a quality product. The price is a bit higher, but since it is a premium set that has many advantages over others, the investment is worth it.

Of course, it is particularly important to emphasize that this is a completely vegan product that is not tested on animals. So you can buy without feeling guilty.

The aesthetically pleasing design should also be mentioned; the set is available in the three colors "Cherry Red", "Pink Lady" and "Cognac / Coffee Brown". So the product is a real eye-catcher even when not in use and looks very classy with the entire presentation. The brush holder itself decorates the dressing table or the bathroom at the same time and the brushes look even better in it. And when traveling, the individual parts are well protected by the box - a practical 2in1 solution! On top of that, there is a bag made of Italian satin that rounds it off.

As far as the content is concerned, nothing is left to be desired, because everything you need for a complete and professional make-up is included, from powder brushes to blushers to high precision liner.

The special thing is that the materials are also suitable for allergy sufferers. The synthetic brushes made from so-called "Nurai hair" are very soft and do not irritate the skin when used. In addition, the brushes are very easy to clean and hardly noticeable residues remain in the fine hairs.

It is a vegan premium product that is of high quality.

Comprehensive set with box:

The extensive set looks very classy and includes useful extras, such as a brush holder, a protective box and a bag made of the finest Italian satin.

The brushes are very easy to clean after use.

The brushes do not irritate the skin and are therefore ideally suited for allergy sufferers.

The set is available in the three colors "Cherry Red", "Pink Lady" and "Cognac / Coffee Brown."

Since the set is of a very high quality and has a particularly detailed design, this unfortunately also affects the price. This is relatively high.

Buy from Amazon.de ($ 49.9)





Luvia Cosmetics LC-BRC-W


The manufacturer Luvia Cosmetics has specialized in vegan products and attaches great importance to ethically correct manufacturing processes and a high-quality end product. All work steps are sustainable and do not require animal testing - only the packaging, which contains a lot of plastic, could be improved.

With this product you get a quality brush set for a slightly higher price, which includes all the important brush types you need for a successful and professional make-up. The handles are very handy, the brushes themselves are soft and the look is appealing. The bag that goes with it is also a little piece of jewelry.

The special thing about the brushes are the brushes made by Luvia Cosmetics from Nurai bristles, a synthetic fiber that is easy to clean and is hypoallergenic. The products are particularly suitable for very sensitive skin types or people who struggle with allergies.

As for the design, the set is available in four colors. You will find a bright red or light pink, an elegant rose gold or a classic black. Each set contains 14 brushes that are ideal for generous blending, targeted highlights or effective covering. It is not for nothing that this product has the name "Essential Brushes" and is also ideal as a gift for a friend, sister, mother or other women who you want to please.

Ethically correct manufacturing processes:

The set is cruelty-free, vegan and the manufacturer attaches great importance to ethically correct management processes.

Comprehensive quality set:

The set is of high quality, has soft bristles and can be used in many ways.

The set does not irritate the skin and can therefore also be recommended for allergy sufferers.

The brushes are very easy to clean.

You will find a bright red or light pink, an elegant rose gold or a classic black.

The set has a slightly higher price because it is of high quality and vegan.

Buy from Amazon.de (€ 59.9)





Start Makers CDE2019121701 Professional 12Pcs Set Marble


This professional 12-piece set from Start Makers includes an eyebrow brush, foundation, eye shadow, a sponge tassel and a high-quality cosmetic bag. The brush set is suitable for many different products, such as make-up, eye shadow, liquid foundation, powder and much more and, among other things, stood out from the crowd with a very sophisticated look.

The handles have a cool marble look, which ensures that the brushes attract a lot of looks. The brushes are also very soft and are also very popular as gifts.

Some brush bristles will fall off after a while, but the set is very cheap and can be used for a relatively long time until it has to be replaced. The set is ideal for beginners who do not want to spend too much money at once and want to try out first. The bottom line is that the price-performance ratio is good. We can unreservedly recommend the product.

Price-performance ratio:

The inexpensive set is ideal for beginners who do not want to spend too much money at once and convinces with a good price-performance ratio.

The brush handles have a cool marble look, which ensures that the brushes attract a lot of attention.

The set consists of 12 parts and has soft, easy-to-use brushes that can be used for a relatively long time.

It has been observed that the brush bristles fail after a while with regular use.

Buy from Amazon.de (€ 9.99)





Nestling 18 pieces


This high-quality make-up brush set also made it into the top 5 with flying colors. Its noble wooden handles not only look pretty, but are also durable and feel good in the hand.As for the material of the bristles, it is a mixture of synthetic fiber and pony hair. A high-quality nylon is used that feels comfortable on the skin and can absorb enough product, such as powder or foundation cream, to deliver a professional Schmick result. We therefore recommend this set for professionals - but of course you can also use it at home and take your own make-up to a new level.

The 18-piece set contains everything you need for a complete and precise make-up, from a foundation brush to an eyebrow brush and a lip liner brush.

The only thing that looks less high-quality about the brushes is the bag in which they are stowed, because it smells a bit like chemicals. If that bothers you too much, you can of course store or transport the parts elsewhere. However, since the price is a bit higher, a better quality of the packaging would have been desirable.

The brushes look very high quality and are a real eye-catcher due to the noble wooden handles.

The brushes are very durable thanks to the wood and they will look good for a long time.

Also suitable for professionals:

The set is not only suitable for beginners, but can also be used by professionals.

The set consists of 18 parts that can be used for many different purposes and absorb make-up well and therefore do not waste it.

The workmanship of the bag could have been a bit better overall.

Unfortunately, the set is quite expensive.

Buy from Amazon.de (€ 13.99)



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Henceforth 32223332


The manufacturer Fortan can also convince with its product across the board. You will find the set in a total of 13 different designs, which makes it the clear leader in this regard.

In addition, it is a relatively inexpensive make-up brush set that is particularly suitable for beginners in the field of beauty products. So if you want to try it out first and don't want to dig deep into your pocket straight away, then you've come to the right place. The set contains all the important brushes and you can easily apply foundation, blush, eyebrows, eyeliner and the eyeshadow.

However, if you are advanced in your experience and want to use the set as a professional, you should know that the brushes are not bound very tightly and therefore take up less product, which makes applying make-up more tedious.

But the look is high-quality and each of the 12 brushes is particularly easy to use thanks to the rubber coating on the handle. The feel of the brush heads is also very pleasant and the wool fiber bristles are very soft on the skin. They are also easy to clean and hypoallergenic to make even sensitive skin types happy.



Savisto SV-HOUS-Z054


As the best make-up brush set and thus the test winner, the Savisto product convinced us. For an affordable price, you get a 32-piece brush set that is packed in a stylish gift box and contains all the important brushes.

They are soft brushes that feel comfortable on the hand and effectively apply make-up. As far as quality is concerned, you get the performance you pay for and maybe a little more - although the brushes will wear out a little after a while, they will last a long time with good care and have a manufacturer's guarantee of two years.

The synthetic brush hairs are relatively robust and, thanks to their tight bond and silky surface, absorb enough product to be used professionally.

The variety is particularly large and the set with several brushes for primer, blush, eyebrows, eye shadow, eyeliner and various highlighter is an absolutely complete one. All 32 parts can be stored in a roll-up bag made of synthetic leather, which, however, smells a bit like chemistry at the beginning. The latter disappears after a while and of course has no influence on the quality of the brushes.


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