How do I get myself back 1

Boomerang love: back to the ex? That's how it works again!

A second attempt works best if the Reasons for separationwere external in nature - for example a long-distance relationship. Worst of all when you've just drifted apart. “The typical reasons for breaking up are usually somewhere in between,” explains Wolfgang Krüger. According to a Statista survey, almost 70 percent of Germans split up after an affair, around 50 percent cite frequent quarrels as the reason, 32 percent have different life plans, 42 percent feel constricted and want to experience something else.

As with Lisa *, 31, and Johannes Feldbach *, 32, from Munich. She already adored him at school, for her as a late bloomer he was not only the first great love, but the first love ever, says Lisa. The couple was inseparable for ten years. “But when we both approached 30, I asked myself: Is that actually still love or just friendship? Am i missing something? When he talked about getting married and having children, I got scared and moved out, ”she explains.

For Patricia, 55, and Thilo Kempter, 52, from Berlin, it wasn't the fear of missing out on something, it was exactly the other way around. They had one way too turbulent lifewhen they met 17 years ago. Patricia had just recently divorced, Thilo finished university and had moved for the third time within a year. “It sparked quickly, but I first had to find myself after the divorce. And the fact that Thilo was floating through life so haphazardly at that time didn't make it any easier either. With Lisa, too, it took almost a year before she approached Johannes again after the separation. “This one year gap is very typical for boomerang lovers,” explains Wolfgang Krüger. "In fact, it's important not to get back together too early." It takes us about twelve months to overcome a breakup. First comes the shock, then the grief phase, then the reorientation. You have to have lived through it all.