What are the different uses of yarn

What is thread?


Thread is a textile raw material. He is going through the process Twisting produced, several threads are twisted together. In turn, a thread is created during spinning, during which loose fibers are spun by twisting and stretching.

In colloquial terms, thread can also mean an elegant suit.

How is thread made?

The manufacturing process is called twisting or yarn finishing. Basically, one or more yarns or single threads are twisted together. Depending on the intended use, a distinction is made between smooth threads and fancy threads:

Smooth threads are used when the tear strength and uniformity are to be improved or produced. Fancy threads however, are used when a textile is to be embellished and a pattern is to be animated. In the Twist the thread can be twisted in two directions. On the one hand there is the Z-twist with a Z-wire. This rotation is rotated the same way as the direction in which the slash of the letter Z goes. If the rotation is in the direction of the slash of the letter S, one speaks of an S-rotation and an S-wire.

In the Manufacturing For smooth threads, the threads are steamed approx. 15 - 30 minutes before being twisted at 60 - 80 degrees. This is to prevent the yarn from looping. This is followed by blasting with fatty acid, which reduces yarn abrasion during further processing. With actual twisting, there is one Hollow spindle with a fixed pot, on which yarn threads are then attached. The thread then runs through the hollow spindle and to one Take-up device. The spindle rotates and the yarn receives a rotatingshape. Certain effects are incorporated into the fancy yarns. They can be wrapped around the basic thread or tied between two basic threads. This production can also take place on hollow spindles.

What are the different types of thread?

There are different types of thread, these are:

  • Poplin thread (normal thread)
  • Sewing thread
  • Voile
  • Crepe twine
  • Fancy twine (fantasy twine)
  • Special constructions
  • Twine / packing cord

At a Poplin thread two simple yarns are twisted together. The number of twists can vary and thus also change the properties of the thread. The Sewing thread can also consist of two yarns. Most of the time, however, it consists of three simple yarns. There are also wrapped yarns and braided yarns here.

At Voile This creates very hard threads that were often used for curtains in the past. With the so-called Crepe threads it is threads that are twisted particularly high. Fancy threads, or also Fantasy threads called, have various structural effects. They can also vary in color and material.

The manufacture at Special constructions is very expensive. This creates multi-level threads. The Twine or packing cord are mostly made from hemp or flax and can be multi-level or simple.

What is twist jersey?

Thread is mainly used in the Textile industry used. Here often also for Bed linen or sheets. That is also known Jersey thread. Here jersey fabric, which can consist of cotton, silk, viscose or mixed wool yarns, is twisted. This twisted jersey is very soft, elastic and durable and therefore particularly suitable for bed sheets.