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Our specialized lawyers will support you or your company with all questions relating to your USA visa and your US involvement - personally and tailored to your individual case.

Our list of the different ones gives you an initial overview of the multitude of visa types Visa categories. In a personal consultation, we will be happy to explain to you which of the visas listed there is best suited for your stay in the USA and which requirements the US consulate has in your case. So come easy in 5 steps on your USA visa - legally secure, without wasting time and with the good feeling of professional advice from lawyers specializing in US law and US visa law.

Apply for USA visa successfully

The US government is very demanding if you want to live and work in the US. Rejections of visa applications that have not been carefully prepared are the order of the day. Companies in particular cannot afford such delays in their US involvement.

We advise you on which US visa is most suitable for your purposes or that of your company, give you the requirements that it meets, the documents that must be submitted to the US consulate and forms that must be filled out We are happy to handle the complete application process for the USA visa for you. It doesn't matter whether you or your company come from Germany, Switzerland, Austria or another country.

We process all visa application procedures in our tried and tested 5 steps. This is how we ensure that your visa application and your commitment in the USA have the greatest possible chance of success: the overwhelming majority of our clients already hold the desired visa in their hands after the first application.

General requirements for your USA visa

Each visa category has individual requirements for the respective US visa. However, the following conditions generally apply to all USA visas:

  • The intention of the trip must match the visa category for which you are applying. I.e. if you have aWork visa you must prove that the primary purpose of your trip is to do a specific job in the United States.
  • You must intend to return to your home country after the end of your (work) stay (this does not apply to immigrant visas such as the CR-1 immigrant visa).
  • You must have sufficient financial resources. The US authorities want to see that you can pay for your trip.

There are often numerous other requirements that must be met. In our overview of the USA visa categories you will find these listed. Participants in exchange programs must, for example, be registered in the information system for students (SEVIS). Religious workers, in turn, must be members of a non-profit denomination.

USA work visa

There is no such thing as a "one" work visa for the USA. Depending on the purpose and type of work stay, different types of visas are available as a US work visa. The most commonly used U.S. work visas are:

There are also a variety of other US visas.

Incidentally, those who want to live in the USA for a longer period usually leave the country with a visa Category E. correct. In contrast to most other types of visa, e-visas can be extended indefinitely.

US visa at a flat rate and fair discount regulations

Our remuneration is fair according to the effort and is based on an hourly fee. In time-consuming cases or in cases in which strict budget requirements must be adhered to, fixed flat rates for the entire consulting service can also be agreed upon. For larger quantities, e.g. if your company would like to send several employees to the USA, we offer you attractive discounts. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

More than just visa law: Complete advice on your US involvement

The right visa is a basic requirement for a successful start in the USA. In addition, there are usually numerous other legal and tax issues to be clarified before entering the US market can be tackled.

For companies, for example, there are often labor law issues (e.g. on the posting of workers), corporate law issues (Which US legal form is suitable for corporate and liability reasons?) And tax arrangements (how are distributions from the US taxed? Who should become the mother of the US company? Which transfer price rules apply? Which legal form in the USA is advantageous from a tax point of view ? etc.).

The newly established US company also requires customer, supplier and other contracts under US law. The ongoing tax advice / accounting for the US company must also be set up.

Thespecialized lawyers and tax advisors The WINHELLER law firm will be happy to help you plan and implement your entire USA project from the outset in a legally compliant and tax-optimized manner. Our reputation as a one-stop shop for US projects also confirm our customers.

We are looking forward to your contact

Do you have any questions about the USA visa and our other services? We look forward to hearing from you with our visa expert and emigration advisorAttorney Thomas Schwab. The easiest way to reach us is by email ([email protected]) or by phone (069 - 76 75 77 80). About ourOnline appointment booking you can also conveniently arrange an appointment (by phone or video conference) with us around the clock. We are happy to serve you!