Are values ​​and characteristics the same

What do you personally attach particular importance to here?

Questions about work ethic and motivation

What are the most important values ​​and characteristics for you in professional life? What do you personally attach particular importance to here? (or) What is your priority in your work?
How do you ideally imagine your work / tasks? (Or :) Tell us something about the most important aspects of your previous activities!

This is meant

The question sounds more general than it is meant to be: Your conversation partner will draw conclusions about your future behavior in the workplace from the description of your values ​​and preferences. He hopes that this will provide an answer as to whether your work attitude corresponds to the advertised position and whether you name characteristics that should be particularly pronounced according to the requirement profile. Ultimately, he wants to determine whether your values ​​are in the best interests of the company. Remember: based on your answers, the person you are talking to will also make a prognosis about your motivation to achieve.

This is how you should answer

First of all, make yourself clear: the same property can be assessed positively in one case and negatively in the other. If a geriatric carer calls forbearance, and a manager calls assertiveness, both are correct; in the opposite case, however, both are wrong. Values ​​and characteristics with which you are always right are: loyalty and reliability, team spirit and communication skills, a healthy culture of debate and a high work ethic, self-discipline and willingness to perform. And: Always derive your values ​​from the specific activity and task.


You should also prepare this question well before the interview. If your stated values ​​and characteristics correspond to the position and if they reflect the style of the company, you will collect valuable bonus points. Our recommendation: do not get lost in the details. With a 20-minute presentation you are as "out" as with a sophisticated presentation as a high-flyer.

Questions about work ethic and motivation