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US ambassador threatens: Anyone who uses Huawei technology will get in trouble

Anyone who uses Huawei technology in their cellular networks should apparently have to expect other sanctions from the US government. Instead of presenting evidence of an actual threat, the US apparently prefers to unpack the big club. After US politicians peddled their fear of endangering "national security" through Chinese espionage with the help of network technology from the manufacturer Huawei, there is now widespread discussion in Germany and Europe. The question seems to be whether or not the products of the world's largest supplier of wireless technology can be trusted.

As reported by the US business service Bloomberg, the US ambassador in Brussels recently threatened in an interview that Western countries that use Chinese technology, including Huawei, would expect "disadvantages in doing business" with the US. Gordon Sondland again cited security concerns as the reason for this threat.

Anyone who goes ahead blindly and uses Chinese technology without taking these concerns into account must be prepared to accept disadvantages in dealing with the USA, so the blunt threat. In such cases, the US would have to be "more careful in passing on information and in business relationships," said Sondland.

The ambassador reiterated the alleged legislation in China, according to which companies based in the country can be forced to cooperate with the government when it comes to intelligence issues. Huawei has repeatedly called for actual evidence of espionage using its equipment to be presented, citing a number of independent legal opinions that there are no laws equivalent to what the US government is so urgently warning about.

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