Wormtail really took care of Harry

Truth-finding drive

Chapter 7

Truth-finding drive

"I'll go and bring him some breakfast," Lily said in a firm voice the next morning when she entered the dining room and found Sirius and Remus setting the table.

"Are you sure?" Remus asked cautiously. "Maybe someone should leave whom he doesn't react to so excessively."

"What is that supposed to mean?", Lily replied aggressively, "I'm his mother, who else should take care of him ?!"

"That's exactly the problem," Remus replied cautiously, "Maybe someone should go who is a little more neutral than his mother."

"Neutral? Whatever Voldemort told him, he hates the Order. Who do you want to send then? ", Sirius asked confused.

"Me," said a confident voice from the door. The three turned and stared at Phoenix.

"What?" Sirius asked in surprise.

“I'll go and bring Harry breakfast. I am not related to him or in any order. I suppose that's what you meant, right? "She asked, looking at Remus questioningly.

"Um, yes." Remus agreed, then stepped up to her and offered her his hand, "I'm sorry we didn't have a chance to introduce each other yesterday. I'm Remus Lupine."

Phoenix took his hand and replied, “Phoenix Wimsey. Nice to meet you at last. "

"Lily Potter.", Lily said softly and shook hands with Phoenix, "I would like to thank you again, my husband told me how you looked after our son yesterday. I wanted to talk to you beforehand, but..."

"It's all not that easy.", Phoenix finished the sentence, "I can't imagine what you're going through at the moment and, to be honest, I don't know how you manage to deal with it."

"Carry on," Lily whispered softly, "Just carry on somehow. And tackle each problem individually. First make sure that Harry gets something to eat and then see."

Phoenix looked attentively at Lily for a moment as if she was thinking about something, then seemed to come to a decision and said, “If you need anything, just say it. I know I don't know anything about magic, and I don't know what the Order is about, but if there's anything I can do, don't hesitate to ask. "

"Thanks," Lily replied surprised and grateful, "Maybe it would be a really good idea for you to bring Harry his breakfast."

"Of course, I'll get to work right away."

"Where's Phoenix?" Asked Aurora when she and Jack entered the dining room a little later.

"Upstairs," her father replied curtly.

"With our mysterious guest?" Jack asked immediately.

Sirius gave James, who was looking after Emma at the other end of the table, a scrutinizing look before he said curtly, "Yes."

Even if her father obviously didn't want to talk about it, Aurora wasn't ready to let it go: “And when will you finally tell us what's going on here? We're not little kids anymore, so why are you treating us like that? "