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Alternative diagrams with highcharts: Installation of CUxD, CUxD highcharts and creation of an Exec device (part 1)

In this report I would like to show you how to install the popular “CUxD” add-on and also create a first Exec device. We also go into the installation of the additional package CUxD-Highcharts.

Both installations are necessary preliminary work in order to create individual diagrams with CUxD highcharts, as I have summarized for you in another report.

The installation of CUxD is not a big challenge. First you need an installation package of the addon. You can download this from cuxd.de, for example. Make sure that you choose the right file for your system (CCU2 / CCU3) and that it is not automatically unpacked after downloading, but continues to have the extension .tgz.

Now we install the software package under "Settings“ -> „Control panel“ -> „Additional software". Select the file, click on To install and give the head office a good 5-10 minutes for processing. A CCU2 / 3 is restarted, but a Raspberrymatic is not.

In the next step we will now install CUxD highcharts. This is also a separate software package; you can find the download link, for example, at https://github.com/hobbyquaker/CUxD-Highcharts.

After installing it should be in the point Additional software look like the screenshot shown and both installed packages are displayed.

After installing CUxD and CUxD Highcharts, an “Exec device” must now be created. This is necessary for our later creation of the diagrams. In general, the CUxD-Exec is used by many scripts instead of the CCU's own execution engine "system.exec“Used. So you will need it more often.


To do this, first click on CUx-Deamon in the control panel.

In the view of the CUxD that then opens, please select the item equipment and creates a device with the properties listed below. Finally click on "Create device on CCU!". You can of course enter anything else in the Name and Device Icon fields.

Now switch back to the interface of your headquarters and go to the inbox. The CUx-Deamon has automatically stored the “virtual” device that has just been created here.

Finally, just use this device Finished add to the device list.

Done, you have now created all the requirements to use diagrams CUxD high charts to create. In the following report I will explain to you how the creation of the same works.

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