How do I publish a scientific book

When writing scientific papers, it is often not easy to decide which works from the wealth of literature found are suitable for it. Therefore, at the beginning of this hypertext, we will briefly describe the types of scientific literature:

First of all, here in Books and Magazines subdivide. These can be further differentiated:
  • Monographs: Book by a single author.
    The quality (in the sense of the scientific meaningfulness of the content) can vary greatly here, since in principle anyone can publish such a book. One way of trying to secure this is simply to get information about the author (how much / what has he already published on this topic).
  • Textbooks: Book that is aimed at students / "newbies" in a subject and conveys teaching content.
    Strictly speaking, these books are not counted as scientific literature. However, they usually provide a good introductory overview of a topic.
  • Edited works: Book with chapters by different authors on an overarching topic.
    Here, too, the quality can vary; it depends, among other things, on the selection and quality control of the authors by the publisher of the book.
  • Popular science journals: Have the "normal population" as the target group and therefore prepare content accordingly.
    Example: Psychology Today
  • Scientific journals: Have scientists and / or practitioners of the respective discipline as a target group. Scientists submit articles to the journal, which are then published.
  • Peer-reviewed journals: Have scientists and / or practitioners of the respective discipline as a target group. When submitting an article, however, it is subject to a "quality control", the peer review process:
    The specialist articles are - before they are accepted for publication - read ("reviewed") by other scientists in the field ("peers"), found to be (un) worthy of publication and provided with suggestions for improvement. This is to ensure that only scientifically founded articles are published.
In summary, it would therefore be best to rely mainly on peer-reviewed specialist articles when writing scientific papers.