What is a daksh robot

"Germany is lagging behind in the field of digital learning."

"The balance of fun, challenges, completing tasks and being creative is right."

"Coding is easy thanks to simple image commands."

    By playing with our robots, children learn the most important skills of tomorrow, ensured by working with teachers from Stanford University.

    Dash, the learning robot

    The completely new learning experience for children who want to develop their creativity.

    Dash is a real robot that is controlled through imaginative tasks with the associated apps. Children learn the basics of programming.

    Get to know Dash better
    Connect Dash to your tablet or smartphone.
    Show Dash what to do with the app.
    Dash does what you taught him.

    Stay exciting for a long time

    With simple to extremely tricky tasks, Dash remains exciting for 6 to 11 year olds for years.

    Meaningful screen time

    Your child will be motivated to actively create instead of passive consumption.

    100% privacy

    No camera. No recordings. No Internet connection.

    That's what the press says

    "The future is going digital, what better way to prepare for it than understanding the language of computers."

    Süddeutsche Zeitung about Dash

    April 2018


    Learning robot in the nursery?

    Digital technology has long been ubiquitous - in addition to the world of work, it is gradually changing all areas of our lives.

    How does Dash make you fit for the future?

    Dash was developed because programming is one of the key skills of the 21st century. With the little robot, boys and girls can playfully get excited about the important "MINT" fields: math, IT, science and technology.

    Your child learns this while playing with Dash

    "How does a self-driving car work?" This makes many adults sweat when trying to explain. Little Dash lays the foundation for your child to acquire this knowledge for themselves!

    Learn more about Dash

    Think abstractly

    It's not just about what we see: Dash challenges in a playful way to decipher symbols and to shape actions from them.

    Solve problems creatively

    The world is pretty complicated. Anyone who is actively involved in it must understand it and help shape it - this is exactly what Dash instructs.

    Learn to program

    In the game, children enter what Dash should do via the app and he then does it. This is programming and is very easy to learn in this way.

    Active design. Sustainable learning.

    Our learning robots are so-called »lean forward« media.

    They encourage an active attitude among our children towards digital media. Our children learn to see and use them actively as a tool and not as a passive sprinkling machine.

    Dash remains exciting for several years

    With the different apps, there are exactly the right tasks for every age, from very simple to really tricky. That is why 80% of all robots ever sold are in regular use.

    Privacy and data protection

    100% security for a good feeling

    We define games as "exploring in a protected space". We create exactly this space with Dash by consistently foregoing the storage of personal data and a connection to the Internet.

    No watching

    Dash doesn't have a camera

    No listening

    Dash only perceives noises, not on them

    No transfer

    No data is transmitted

    No Internet

    Dash is always offline