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The genesis of eSports

The next steps towards eSports came again from the USA. The arcade operator Walter Day from Ottumwa, Iowa founded on February 9, 1982 with the "Twin Galaxies National Scoreboard" the first referee service for video games. The background was a story in Time magazine from 1982. It reported how 15-year-old Steve Juraszek set a record at Defender. Walter Day, however, knew a young player in his arcade who had exceeded this record by far.

After consulting with the slot machine manufacturer Williams and game developer Namco, he found out that there was no national best list for Defender or other video games - the initial spark for the establishment of his service. The name Twin Galaxies is derived from the name of his own arcade. In addition to maintaining a national record list, the “Twin Galaxies' Official Video Game & Pinball Book of World Records” soon became a general set of rules designed to prevent possible fraud through cheats or the like.

In 1983 he founded the U.S. National Video Team, the world's first professional gamer team. He also organized the “North American Video Game Challenge”, the first video game masters tournament in the USA. Thanks to his extensive efforts on the subject of "video games", he can confidently be described as one of the pioneers of eSports.