What was your worst childhood accident

Accident at the age of 9

Dennis was lucky that day, because at this point when Dennis went up in flames, a guardian angel came by who had used this path for the first time that day. This man rushed to Dennis and took off all his clothes, as it turned out afterwards, this man did everything right. This jacket soaked in lighter fluid cannot be extinguished if it burns. Fortunately, this man was also wearing good leather gloves, otherwise it would not have been possible to take off his clothes. After Dennis was standing at the scene of the accident with only his underpants on, nobody realized how bad the burns were. Dennis was driven to friends of ours, but only the daughter was at home. An attempt was made to call my wife in our company, but the children couldn't solve the problem. My wife's phone rang every time and no one answered. Dennis was then driven to other friends of ours, who immediately recognized the seriousness of the situation and notified the emergency doctor and us at the company. Ulrike was motionless in the office when she took the call. I immediately drove to Dennis, who was standing in the street in his underwear and couldn't move. He was with our friends in the living room in front of the fireplace because he was only dressed in underpants, but he couldn't bear the warmth because of the pain.

I will never forget the face of how I got there and looked my son in the face. It was scared that I would scold him and it was the pain he was in. You couldn't attack him, every touch must have caused incredible pain. I then also gave him to understand that I am not angry, but that I love him and want him not to have to endure any more pain, that the ambulance would come soon and these people would help him. Fortunately, the ambulance came to give Dennis the necessary care. He was immediately wrapped in foil and given IV fluids because the condition was more serious than we could have thought. Nobody was allowed in the ambulance because they were working intensively on Dennis, at that moment I realized that these burns are very serious. After a long phone call, the people in the ambulance got a place in the Horst Schmitt Clinic in Wiesbaden. From today's perspective that was the best thing that could have happened to our son, I would like to emphasize this clinic at this point with the predicate “unique”, but I will come back to it again.

A friend drove me to Wiesbaden immediately after Dennis was taken away. Everything that went through my head until we were in the clinic would blow up this page.

When we arrived at the clinic, we had to wait until we found out something about Dennis' condition. It was discussed that he should be flown to Friedrichshafen, for which no one could take responsibility and it was decided that Dennis would stay in the clinic. In the meantime Ulrike has also arrived with an employee of our company and the four of us have waited until we can learn more about Dennis' condition.

After about 2 hours Ulrike and I were able to go to Dennis in the intensive care unit, he was lying there in a bed with bars where his arms were tied to the bed so that he couldn't scratch his wounds. It was noticed that he was being sedated by medication, also because of the excruciating pain. I felt so sorry for him that we couldn't help him, we could only be with him so that he doesn't feel like he's not alone. The doctors told us about His serious condition. Other organs were affected by the enormous burns.

The next 3 days were very critical, Ulrike and I were alternately permanent with Dennis, he was never without us for the next 4 weeks. The first few nights were very difficult to get used to the 37 ˚C wearing clothes and a face mask. As mentioned earlier, Dennis was lucky that one place out of five was vacant and that he could be treated there. His wounds were treated openly and we were initiated and taught that we treated him with a special cream every hour to prevent the skin from drying out. As soon as you have applied the cream, it has already run, like on a hot plate. The nights in particular were not so easy because I was sitting on a chair next to him and holding his hand.

If I really fell asleep once, we'd both arranged for him to shake hands one, two or three times, and then I knew what the needs were. But it was already difficult to sleep on the chair because the other children who also had severe burns and whom I also took care of as much as I could. It was sometimes very hectic at night and I would like to go back to the clinic here. The entire staff in this department was remarkable and above all the patience that had to be applied there for these injured children. For the entire time Dennis had to spend there, I didn't see a doctor or nurse in a bad mood and it was wonderful for me to see that children are in very good hands there. After three days Dennis had got over the worst and now the wounds only had to heal. Dennis was bathed every morning and then more or less the skin that had newly formed was peeled off with the tweezers. I could not bear this and under no circumstances could I watch it. I was already sure then that Dennis sensed this and that he always sent me to breakfast after bathing. We were both a great team. When I came back after my breakfast he always told me exactly what was done in my absence. He was very brave in what he had to go through in the next 4 weeks. During this time we got a lot closer than it was before, he felt how we stick together within the family and that we love him very much. Whatever the need for explanation, that his sister and grandma couldn't / weren't allowed to come, only mum and dad were allowed to come to him in this special room. For Tina it was also very bad that she was not allowed to see her brother. The healing then proceeded pretty much according to plan, so we could hope that he could go to his first holy communion. It was all very close, but he managed to experience this eventful day this year. For the next few years Dennis had to put on a special corset that had to be made anew every month in order to get a grip on the scars on the body. He did this without any ifs and buts, considering what that meant in the summer. In any case, he survived this serious accident without having nightmares or anything like that in the future. On the contrary, the communion that followed was Dennis the first to play at the candle in the flame in church.