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Set bookmarks: This is how you can find important Internet pages with one click

With bookmarks you can quickly find the links that you need in your everyday life. These tools and tricks save time and nerves when working and researching online.

"What was the name of the website again ...?"

"How do I get into our newsletter tool?"

"What else is the link to the customer database?"

If you have to call up certain Internet pages again and again, there is a simple trick with which you can find the most important pages immediately and call them up with one click. The solution is called: bookmarks. In German: bookmarks.

Anyone who is familiar with working on the Internet has long known the bookmarking function (and can read more about the tips for advanced users below). But if you are wondering why others often get there so much faster, here are step-by-step instructions for bookmarks.

That's why bookmarks make life easier

Regardless of whether you want to continue reading an online article later or avoid typing the company website or email provider into a search engine every time: If you use bookmarks, you can get to the website you want with just a few clicks. The digital bookmarks save URLs and make them easily accessible in the browser at any time. Bookmarks can be arranged according to personal preference and often displayed prominently when the web browser is opened.

This not only saves time, it also saves you from brooding. For example, if you cannot think of where to find the online file with the accounting figures, on which page you can log into the project management software or if you have forgotten the URL for online banking.

How to use the digital bookmarks

Bookmarks make internet use more efficient. The memory aids are particularly suitable for busy bosses who want to devote their brains to more important things than website searches. It is also very easy to set bookmarks - even if you are not an internet expert.

Simple trick for beginners

Do you use Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer as your browser? A bookmarking function is already integrated in this browser; So you already have the tool you need. Bookmarks are called "bookmarks" in Chrome and Firefox. The same function is called "Favorites" in Internet Explorer.

In order to be able to use your bookmarks on different devices, you have to enter an email address. When you log in, the browser remembers your bookmark list and you can call it up from any mobile phone, laptop or tablet with an Internet connection as soon as you open the browser. If you only use one device anyway, you don't need an email address.

  • Add bookmarks in Chrome: In Chrome, open the website you want to bookmark. Then click on the star to the right of the address line. This turns blue - you have set a bookmark. You can name it accordingly in the tab that opens automatically and add it to the bookmarks bar. The bookmark then appears below the address bar in Chrome and can be accessed at any time. Clicking the blue star again removes the bookmark.

This is what bookmarks look like in the Chrome browser:

  • Add bookmarks in Firefox: Bookmarking works very similarly in the Firefox browser: Go to the website you want and click on the star to the right of the address line. The star turns blue and a tab opens automatically in which you can name the bookmark - for example "E-Mails" for your e-mail provider. You can get an overview of the bookmarks from the library (these are the four vertical lines next to the search bar, which should represent books). Clicking the blue star again removes the bookmark.

The Firefox bookmarks can be found in a list:

  • To add favorites in Internet Explorer: Open a website in Internet Explorer and add it to your favorites using the star to the right of the search bar. The star turns yellow. Name the bookmark. To access the favorites, click on the star again and a bar will appear from which you only need to choose.

Internet Explorer displays favorites as follows:

3 advanced bookmarking tools

Finding and retrieving websites faster is not enough for you? With these bookmarking tools you can sort content even more clearly or share it with others:

  • Pocket: The free Pocket service is suitable for collecting websites for later reading - even offline. You can add tags to the saved pages so that you can find them more quickly later. For example, you can post newspaper articles under “News” and inspirations for the office under “Work”. The service is also available as an app for Android and IOS.
  • Start.me: Start.me can be reached via a browser extension or via the web address. You can set your bookmarks here in the free version using certain categories from entertainment to sport. And: You can share your bookmarks with colleagues, friends and family.
  • Pearl trees: With Pearltrees you can not only collect bookmarks, but also save images, files and notes - also via the app on your smartphone. You can also browse other users' bookmarks and come across interesting websites that you did not know before. You get one gigabyte for free to collect and manage your content. In the free version, however, your bookmark library is public - you have to switch to the paid version for more privacy.

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