Is it dangerous to exercise in the morning?

Exercising sober: weight loss miracle or muscle killer?

It really makes that sense

Some swear by it, others consider it nonsensical or even muscle-wasting: Exercise sober. But is training on an empty stomach really a miracle cure for burning fat, or does it harm your body more than it does ?!
We'll clear that up here!

Exercise before breakfast: what does it mean to exercise sober?

Train sober is actually self-explanatory: You start your workout or your run even before you have eaten the first meal of the day.
Depending on how strong you are "sober" interprets, this really means the total renunciation of food and drinks other than water.
Others also see a coffee or a little something like a banana intus as sober - one thing is certain: a real breakfast you are not allowed to have eaten before.
Breakfast doesn't always have to be done before Sober training be. For more information, check out my article about breakfast for weight loss.

The theory of fasting training: fat metabolism in full swing

Sober training is considered a controversial way Lower body fat percentage. Proponents of this weight loss method argue as follows:
If you had the last meal the night before, your body uses the food within the next five to six hours, depending on what and how much you ate. Assuming an average sleep duration of seven to eight hours, there are still one to three hours in which your body is not occupied with eating and using food. Through this night fasting your insulin levels drop, your liver and muscle glycogen is low.
Here that promises Exercise on an empty stomach Two benefits at once: Firstly, a high insulin level supposedly blocks fat burning, and secondly, your body cannot fall back on its own carbohydrate reserves (muscle and liver glycogen). That means: if you train soberly you have to draw the energy from other depots. And what is left there ?! Easy, yours Body fat!

So the goal of exercising on an empty stomach is targeted fat loss. As a nice side effect, the training is the Basic perseverance called - we come to that now.

Exercising sober: benefits

Let's start with the advantages: What is the point train soberly?!

  • Improving basic endurance: If your body cannot fall back on carbs and burns fat, you automatically train with it lower intensity and optimize yours Fat metabolism and yours Basic perseverance. This benefits you with higher loads - for example longer runs, HIIT or hard strength training.
  • Stimulation of blood circulation, metabolism & circulation: When you wake up in the morning, your body is still working with its functions night stand-by mode. That means: Your circulation has to start up, your metabolism has to get going and the blood circulation has to be increased. What makes it easy ?! Yes, sport!
  • Better blood count: Studies over the past few years have shown that subjects who exercise regularly on an empty stomach, have better blood values ​​than the comparison persons who only exercised after a meal.
  • Possibility of weight loss: Here, too, researchers have determined by measurements that during training on an empty stomach up to five times higher fat oxidation takes place than in post-meal workouts.

Exercising sober: disadvantages

As always in life, there are also a few Disadvantages of exercising sober - you will get to know them here:

  • Increased susceptibility to infection: Your body really uses all possible ways of generating energy and tries to draw power from every leftover food - including vitamins and co immune system, Viruses and pathogens have an easy time of it.
  • Circulatory problems: As you have already read above, your body is still half asleep in the morning - if you do it so early and without food intake with training, you can quickly circulatory problems to get.
  • Increased risk of injury: Due to the low blood flow at night, your ligaments, tendons and muscles are not yet really warm - especially during Strength training you can quick strains and overloads to fetch.
  • Exhaustion throughout the day: Training straight out of bed helps you start the day with momentum, but it can also happen that your Performance drops in the course of the day and you feel tired and exhausted.
    Tips: Always tired ?.
  • Stress for the body: Sport is always a Stress factor for your body - albeit a positive one. If he now has to "fight" for his energy, that means double stress - and that is not healthy and certainly not beneficial for your fitness. You can read more about this here: Cortisol & muscle building and stress hormones.
  • Difficult progression: For progress you have to continuously set new stimuli - but you are not so sober fit and efficient as usual. Packing more weights from one workout to the next is even more difficult than it is already.

Myth or Truth? Rumors about training on an empty stomach

You see the advantages and disadvantages train soberly to go do not do much. So what - train sober, yes or no ?! Time to dispel a few myths!

"Effective training is not possible in the morning."

The key message here is nonsense - it's about MORNING, don't train sober. And the time of day doesn’t matter how intense a workout is. There are also people who can go full throttle at night.

But what is true: Sober training you should be with a something lower intensity run - about 75% of your performance.

"The afterburn effect is less when training on an empty stomach."

True. But even here it is not crucial that you trained soberbut it's because of the lower intensity. Because: the more intense the workout, the higher the afterburn effect - or vice versa: The lower the intensity, the lower the afterburn effect. So this statement is true.

"Exercising on an empty stomach leads to muscle loss."

Yes and no. As I said, the body's own carbohydrate stores are almost empty overnight and the body draws its energy from other reserves. One of them: the body's own protein - nothing but muscles! You have to be damned for that train long or hard. But if you're not overdoing it, you have to not afraid of muscle loss to have. Up to 90 minutes are okay, you'd better stick to an hour. And: if you really panic about muscle loss, just take BCAAs beforehand or at least eat a banana. Easy.

Also interesting: How long do you train for maximum muscle growth?

"Exercising on an empty stomach is the best way to specifically burn fat and lose weight."

Myth. Yes, exercising on an empty stomach is ONE way to lose fat and lose weight, but not necessarily the most effective. Because whether it works at all depends at the end of the day on how your Calorie balance stands. If you use more than you take in, you lose weight, easy. How you achieve a calorie deficit - whether through training on an empty stomach, eating less or exercising in the evening - your body doesn't care at first.

By the way: The fat burning is with a low intensity workout though percentage at the highest, but since the consumed Total energy is higher in extreme units such as HIIT and Co., losing weight with the latter still works faster.

Tips for exercising effectively on an empty stomach

You have weighed up the advantages and disadvantages and want to give it a tryto exercise sober?! With these tips it’s going well:

  • Longer warm-up: X times said, if you start training straight away in the morning, your body will need longer to absorb operating temperatur get. To avoid injuries and overloading, simply warm up longer and more carefully than usual.
  • Warm-up / technique kits: Start each exercise with at least one sentence without or with very low weightto prepare your body for movement.
  • Wake-up time: Out of bed and straight into your sports shoes ?! Not a good idea: Allow yourself at least a quarter of an hour to wake up properly - even longer, better. So you are really awake and can focus on your Focus exercises - this is important!
  • If necessary, use soups: If you want to build muscle or if you are afraid of your hard-earned muscles, take before training BCAAs. This prevents muscle breakdown.
  • Post workout nutrition plan: The meal after training is considered THE fitness factor in the diet anyway - even more so if you did not have a pre-workout diet!
  • Get enough sleep: Even if you don't like to hear it - go to bed early if you train soberly want! This is the only way to have a good rest and really perform well.

My conclusion: What is the point of exercising soberly?

Let's hold on: Exercise sober can definitely be helpful in reducing fat. Because if you look at the negative sides of the morning workout on an empty stomach, you will notice that you have all of them with you Stress, health and excessive demands to do - means: Those who pay attention to a healthy diet, sufficient regeneration and clean technology can almost completely eliminate the disadvantages.
So if you do to burn fat want, you should clearly give the sober training a chance - if you are in Calorie deficit stay, you will surely succeed!

How about you, would you train soberly? Or simply nothing works without fuel? Tell me about yours experience!

Your prince