How was your first earthquake experience

Celebs shocked by the Los Angeles earthquake

Hollywood blog by Claudia Oberst

Hollywood was shaken up yesterday. Literally. A 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck Crestridge, two hours north of Los Angeles, Thursday morning. The strongest in California in 20 years. The effects could be felt as far as LA. Stars like Mariah Carey, Dwayne Johnson and Lana Del Rey were surprised.

For Olivia Culpo, the pool became a wave pool

Olivia Culpo shared a video on Twitter that clearly shows how intense the quake was felt. The water in your pool is really churned and sloshes in all directions. "Wave pool thanks to mother nature", the model titled her clip and further: "That was really scary."

Lana Del Rey, who lives in Malibu, wrote: "That was something bigger."

First earthquake experience

Mariah Carey, who moved to LA from New York a few years ago, apparently experienced her first quake. She had no idea how to deal with the situation. "I asked myself, 'Do I roll out of bed and stand under the door frame?' I'm from New York, I can't handle that! "She commented.

Even Dwayne Johnson got queasy

Fortunately, no one in LA appears to have been injured. But even Dwayne Johnson, who is known not to shy away from any challenge in his films, admitted that he was shaken by the tremor. "6.6 is really strong. We felt a little something in the north of LA, but everything is ok," he commented and sent good wishes to everyone who lives in the immediate vicinity of the epicenter.

At La Toya Jackson, the chandeliers wobbled

La Toya Jackson, Janet's older sister, had a luxury problem: hers had wobbly chandeliers. "That was really terrible, I thought the ceiling would collapse. All the chandeliers were swinging back and forth. I'm still shaking now because it took so long," she wrote on Twitter.

According to the experts, there may be more quakes in the next few days. It is quite possible that La Toya will have to tremble again for her chandelier.