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Idaho is a rather unknown state in the USA, even for Americans. His nickname is "Gem StateMany Americans associate it with potatoes, because agriculture and especially potato cultivation play an important role here.

Economically and in terms of population growth, however, the very sparsely populated state is one of the climbers in the USA. In addition to theIdaho Patatoes Wheat, barley, sugar beet and even wine are also grown here. There are also numerous cattle and dairy farms.

Due to the scenic beauty of the Rocky Mountains and the many outdoor opportunities, tourism is also on the upswing. Due to its tax policy and the low maintenance costs as well as the pleasant business climate, Idaho has also become a very popular place for company headquarters in recent years. Numerous companies and corporations in the high-tech, information technology and chemistry sectors moved to Idaho.

Research and technology are also strongly represented. In addition, there is mechanical engineering, the wood and paper segment and the mining of natural resources (including lead and silver).

Idaho borders the Canadian province of British Columbia as well as the US states of Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, Oregon and Washington. The most important religions are the Mormons, the Catholics, the members of the Assemblies of God and the Methodists. In terms of area, Idaho is slightly smaller than Great Britain and ranks 14th among all US states on this point.

Idaho people are considered conservative, friendly, and helpful. As the Red State, the state supports the Republican Party. Over 90% of the population are of European descent (the strongest group are, as is so often the case in the USA, the German-born Americans). Almost 10% are Latinos, otherwise there are only very small ethnic groups of Indians, Asians and Afro-Americans. A very well-known indigenous tribe in this state are the Shoshones (Schoschonen), who, according to opinion heard in many places, gave the state their name: Ee dah how, roughly translated means: light on the mountains.

Idaho: facts

  • Surface: 216,446 sq km
  • Residents:¬†1.567.582
  • Abbreviation: ID
  • Capital:Boise
  • Local time: GMT -6
  • Nickname: The Gem State

Map of Idaho

Snow-capped peaks, forests and waterfalls

Large parts of Idaho are poorly developed and difficult to access. Almost half of the state's area is forested. Here the natural landscape is still preserved and attracts more and more outdoor enthusiasts to the state. Large parts are through theRocky mountainscoined, the highest point in Idaho is theBorah Peak at 3,859 m. Southern Idaho is dominated by the plain of theSnake River Plains.

It's even deeper than the Grand CanyonHell's Canyonthrough which theSnake Riverand is the deepest of its kind in North America as a 2,438 m deep gorge. Another scenic feature are theShoeshone Fallsthat flow down at a height of 65 m and are higher than Niagara Falls. Well-known mountain ranges are the Sawtooth Range, the Salmon River Mountains, the White Moutains, the Bitterroot Range and the Clearwater Mountains.

In addition to the Snake River, there are other major rivers in the mountain state such as the Salmon River, Clearwater River, and Clark Fork River. Some lakes also shape the landscapes of the state, such as the one that was often visited in summerLake Coeur d'Alene (in northern Idaho, 30 miles long and between 1.5 - 5 km wide), Lake Pend Oreille (351 m the fifth deepest lake in the USA) and Priest Lake

In theSawtooth National Recreational Area there are also numerous lakes such as Alturas Lake, Petit Lake, Redfish Lake and Sawtooth Lake.

The Idaho Territory was not created until 1863, but the area (which was populated by a few thousand Indians) was explored earlier in 1805 by the expedition of Meriwether Lewis and William Clark. When the gold rush in California attracted massive numbers of settlers, many crossed Idaho but very few stayed here. The population is still one of the lowest of all US states, although there has been a trend from California to Idaho in recent years (especially because of the jobs, the tolerable climate and the low cost of real estate and living costs).

Idaho was created in 1890 as the 43rd state of the Union and is now a real insider tip for both vacationers and immigrants. In particular the capitalBoiseis known for its high recreational value. Other cities in Idaho include Nampa, Meridian, Idaho Falls, Pocatello, Caldwell and Coeur d'Alene.

Idaho: Climate and Weather

Although the state is relatively far from the Pacific (about 560 km), the balancing influence of the sea on it isclimatestill noticeable. The summers are hot, but the dry heat is bearable. The winters are usually not as cold as in other more central states of the USA. However, there are regional differences due to the different altitudes.

Climate table

current weather

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Livable metropolis Boise and the Yellowstone

Well-known universities are Idaho State University, Boise State University (the largest in the state), and the University of Idaho. The name of the city of Boise comes from the French (boisé = wooded) and therefore the city is often referred to as the city of trees. The city has grown rapidly in the past twenty years as many Californians have moved here. The city is just as easy to reach via the airport as it is via the transport network.

Along the banks of the Snake River, theGreenbeltnumerous recreational opportunities. Rock climbers will find themselves in theAsana climbing gym feel good. The State Capitol is just as worth seeing as thatIdaho Historical Museum in Boise, where you can learn more about the history of the state. If you are in town, pay a visit to the Saturday market.

There is also a special museum dedicated to immigrants from the Basque Country. In the north of the city you can go on beautiful hiking and cycling tours. Also a visit to theBoise Zoo and the Idaho Aquarium is great. Also a trip to the nearbyWorld Center for Birds of Prey with numerous birds of prey (including the rare California condor) is recommended. Ski and snowboard fans shouldBogus Basin Ski Area approach in the northeast of the city.

In general, sports fans will get their money's worth in Boise, as you can visit ice hockey, basketball and baseball games in the stadiums here. University sport is also known nationwide through the Broncos.

Friends of jazz, indie rock and theater won't find the city boring either. The Gene Harris Jazz Festival and Treefort Music Fest take place here in the spring, and the Idaho Shakespeare Festival in the summer months. Art lovers can visit the Boise Art Museum.

Idaho has 45 nationwideWinerieswhich should also be approached once. There are also numerous breweries, which can often also be visited. The state is also known for its products made from local blueberries, such as homemade jam or blueberry syrup.

Outdoor sports enthusiasts love the various options such asWhite water rideson the rivers or at Hells Canyon. For ski friends in winter, but also for other athletes such as hikers, cyclists and horse riders in summerSun Valley An attractive place for stays and excursions all year round.

Parts of theYellowstone National Park are located in Idaho, a visit to Yellowstone Baer World with numerous bears near the town of Rexburg is also interesting. The well-known one runs over the Snake River near Twin FallsPerrine Bridge (148 m above the river).

The sand dunes are impressiveBruneau Dunes State Park, but you can visit a large observatory here and watch the stars at night.

One finds a special landscape atCraters of the Moon National Monument (This is where the tallest basalt cone on earth stands at 215 m), one of the most remote regions of the USA. InLewistonyou can visit the Lewis-Clark Center for Arts and History. The city on the Clearwater and Snake Rivers on the Washington State border is also home to Idaho's only port accessible by ocean-going vessels.

Flag of Idaho