Is it hard to find a job

Barriers in the head and in the system - why qualified immigrants find a job so difficult

Anja WeiƟ from the University of Duisburg-Essen and her colleagues examined the contrast between the lack of qualified workers on the one hand and the untapped potential of foreign workers on the other. Above all, they wanted to know where the hurdles lie in society and the world of work - and why well-educated immigrants often find themselves in dead ends. For their study, they interviewed over 200 well and very well educated immigrants and compared their access to the labor market in Germany, Canada, Turkey and Great Britain.

The hurdles start with immigration

The results make it clear how important the recognition of cultural capital such as education is - and how little this happens here: Most of the time, foreign academics come to the country purely formally as refugees, undocumented persons, spouses or students. Often they are not seen or recognized as highly qualified, either legally or socially.

As a result, many academics are permanently working below their level of work. The search for a suitable job always ends in a dead end. Social status and recognition are often lacking despite training. In addition, work bans and restrictions can also lead to failure.

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