Is the joker overrated

What movie do you find totally overrated that everyone else totally loves?

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From: Nadja Rödig

Put on your imaginary boxing gloves and get ready for the biggest fight there has ever been between movie fans.

If you haven't always been a total film fanatic, you will probably have advanced to one by the Lockdowns 2020/2021 at the latest ... Thanks to the hundredth Binge Watch marathon!

The good thing is that you can talk a lot about films and sometimes argue. And oh man! Things can really get down to business. For example, when a friend raves about this one movie that everyone thinks is soooo great and you just think ...

Exactly! We're talking about films that didn't deserve all the praise.

We are therefore throwing the biggest controversy for all film lovers into the room and want to know from you:

Community question: Which films are completely overrated? © BuzzFeed

Is it maybe ... "Once Upon A Time ... In Hollywood"? Tarantino's worst film that is only exciting in the last ten minutes.

Or ... "Grease"? I mean, the songs are still pretty good. The story, however, is completely out of time, Johnny is an absolute idiot and then this ending too!

Or ... (And here I can already feel the evil looks) ... "The Dark Knight", who is only celebrated because of Heath Ledger's Joker?

Okay, now it's your turn! Tell us in the comments about your unpopular film opinions and why you stand by them despite the headwind! We'll publish the best answers in one of our next articles. (Meanwhile I'll get the popcorn.)