How does a biotin deficiency come about


The German Nutrition Society (DGE) appreciates the adequate intake of vitamin B7 for adults and adolescents aged 15 and over to 40 micrograms (µg) per day. The recommended amounts vary according to age:

AgeBiotin / microgram (µg) per day
0 to under 4 months4
4 to less than 12 months6
Children and adolescents
1 to under 4 years20
4 to under 7 years25
7 to under 10 years25
10 to under 13 years35
13 to under 15 years35
15 years to older40
Groups of people

Source: German Nutrition Society (DGE)

During pregnancy, women only need to increase the intake if there is a deficiency, while the need has been proven to be higher during breastfeeding. Biotin is also vital for children - a balanced diet usually covers their needs.

Many are convinced that they need to take in additional biotin because the amount in normal food is insufficient. You're wrong: In 2012, the DGE checked how much biotin people in Germany consume through food each day. It concluded that men consume an average of 46 micrograms of vitamin B7 and women 40 micrograms. For comparison: a hen's egg contains about 26 micrograms of biotin, a serving of oatmeal 10 and a carrot 4 - all together 40 micrograms. There are already 27 micrograms of vitamin B7 in 100 grams of pork liver. Very few people in Germany are therefore likely to have one Biotin deficiency to have. "Biotin deficiency symptoms have not yet been observed in adults under normal eating habits," confirms the German Food Association.

If you still have to take biotin supplements, you should stick to the recommended dosage - more biotin does not bring any advantages; the body excretes excess vitamin B7 unused through the kidneys. Because biotin is one of the water-soluble vitamins, manufacturers recommend taking appropriate preparations together with a glass of water and before a meal. The time of day does not matter when taking it.

Many wonder: how long do you have to take biotin before it works? Companies that make preparations to combat biotin deficiency advise taking the vitamin for six months so that hair, skin and nails can grow back healthily. Most people can meet their biotin needs through food and do not need additional funds.