Why do students compete so often these days

Industrial engineers still so successful these days?

Are industrial engineers still so successful these days?
Hello everybody,

I am about to decide on a WIng degree. Before that, I was convinced that industrial engineers make above-average earners. But in this forum a different mood seems to be wandering back and forth on this topic.

Alleged numbers
Starting salary: 42k - 50k
Average salary: 72k
Job opportunities: Many new jobs exist and are created every year

Are these numbers still correct? And is it true that WIngs very often have to compete with business graduates?

Thanks in advance!

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JuraFR  πŸ“… 08.08.2019 13:54:24
Re: Industrial engineers still so successful these days?

WIngs naturally compete either with business students or the Ings, depending on the position.

The salaries don't seem far from reality either. But you have to consider that if you want to have a real career and are among the top people, you will get a lot more than the above. And these are good values ​​for average graduates. You don't want to know what Gewis and Co. (have to be) satisfied with.
yurist  πŸ“… 08.08.2019 14:43:22
Re: Industrial engineers still so successful these days?
It also depends on which subject and, based on this, which specialization or focus is chosen. The average salary of a Wing FR construction is, for example, significantly lower than that of a Wing FR mechanical engineering or electrical engineering.

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