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Date ideas for home

An evening in which you consciously take time for each other helps to bring variety to everyday relationships and creates space for nice moments together. I hope my date ideas for at home can help bring romance and togetherness into your own four walls.

15 ideas for a date at home

  • Slumber party for two: Build a bed castle together in the living room, order pizza and / or get your favorite nibbles, watch a film on your laptop, listen to radio plays, read a book together or do a partner quiz (couple pajamas, fairy lights and an abundance of pillows provide for romance and cosiness)
  • First Date Redo: Recreate your first date together at home (or another nice memory)
  • Cook together: Try out a new recipe, try your own favorite dish from your favorite restaurant, cook your regular order from the delivery service, make each other your favorite meal, your favorite childhood meal or order a rice hunger sushi box with basic products and cooking utensils
  • Feast for two: Plan a festive menu together and cook your perfect Christmas dinner together, have a themed evening with recipes from another country or take a trip around the world with various national dishes in several courses. Or order a Foodist box, such as the Christmas Dinner Box with 8 noble manufactured products.
  • Cooking competition: agree on five ingredients and a time limit and cook / bake competitively or design your competition according to the model of “Who can, he can” (Nailt it!) and try a professional dessert

    Tip: Order a My Cake Box from Foodist for a sweet surprise treat and save yourself the shopping and recipe search

  • Taste tasting: Have your own sample food or drink. Buy a colorful selection of pieces of cake from the bakery around the corner, compare 10 different types of chocolate, do a Cola Pepsi blind test, organize a wine tasting (e.g. with a wine mini tasting set), test local beers or find your favorite -Gin cocktail (e.g. with the help of this gin tasting set including all necessary ingredients, recipes and instructions from well-known bartenders for 6 gin & tea drinks) ...

    Tip: Create a suitable evaluation sheet beforehand and determine which properties should be evaluated and how the points should be awarded

  • Wellness day at home: Take the time for everything that is good for you. Treat yourself, for example, to a bubble bath, a hot shower with aromatherapy shower tabs, a face mask, relaxation meditation, a foot massage and a full-body massage
  • Painting together: Grab pens and paper (or paint and canvas) and paint a portrait of the other person or draw a comic from your first meeting
  • Share memories: Create a playlist with your favorite songs from school. Listen to the songs together and tell yourself which memories you associate with the respective song
  • Journey to childhood: Go back in time and meet up for a date to play. Show the other your favorite childhood activity, such as playing with Legos, coloring, painting by numbers, puzzles or kneading super sophisticated clay figures or digging out your old Gameboys, Nintendos, Game Cubes, Playstation and playing a round of Tetris, Super Mario or Tekken ...
  • Couple bucket list: Together, create a list of things that you as a couple would like to experience, implement and achieve together as a couple in the future #couplegoals
  • Read book together: Turn the solo activity of reading into a shared experience in which you read the book to each other. Share your favorite books with each other or try a sexy romance novel together.
  • Picnic in the living room (on the balcony or in the garden): Pack a picnic basket, spread out a blanket and imagine you are somewhere else.
  • Game evening for two: The perfect moment to dig out old classics like "Mensch-Ärger-Dich-nicht", the "Kniffel" dice game or the never completed 5000 piece puzzle. But also many new games, such as an exciting "Exit" Escape Game or the fast-paced Kickstarter card game "Exploding Kittens" are good choices for 2-player games.

    Tip: With the help of a DIY escape room set, for example, you can turn an entire room into a play area. Instead of a trip to the escape room, you simply bring the puzzle adventure to your home.

  • Dinner and Movie Night: Make your movie an all-round event and cook a movie-inspired dinner. Watch the Oscar-winning best film of 2020 “Parasite” and try Ram-Don (a combination of the two ramen instant noodles and beef fillet: Chapagetti 짜빠 게티 + Spicy Udon Neoguri 너구리 + Hanwoo Beef 한우), the classic “Lady and the Tramp” and Spaghetti Bolognese or try your hand at food truck food à la “Kiss the Cook - that's how life tastes! (Boss)".

Are you ready for a date at home? Or do you need more ideas? Then look at mine List with Ideas against boredom with over 20 activities for two or Winter date ideas at. And if none of my ideas convince you, I recommend the English-language blog fridaywereinlove.com by Camille and Jacob, where they share their date ideas from over 9 years of marriage with a weekly date night. In English, for example, you will find 52 At Home Date Ideas there.



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