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Understand physics - design better

Designing new products and making them functional is a highly creative and responsible task. If you have mastered the physics behind your design, you will naturally succeed in designing better, namely in accordance with the desired function.
The present 8 recipes are not simply design specifications, but recommendations derived from years of experience, all of which have an explainable physical background. Why does it work better to design a structure to be tension-dominant instead of bending-dominant? What is the best way to distribute the stiffness in order to obtain an optimal flow of forces? What happens at points where a flow is deflected and how can this be controlled with the least amount of losses?
The authors walk you through the 8 recipes and explain what to look for and why it works. Using concrete examples from everyday construction, the recipes are tried out and many variants are tested. In this playful way of trying out different scenarios, you can look over the shoulders of the authors and experience how an understanding of the physical effect controls the evolution of the design. All examples were prepared with ANSYS Discovery Live and are available for download so that you can try out the recipes yourself and transfer them to your applications.


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