What standard fit means

Shirt fits

Three fits

The three common fit designations for shirts are slimfit, normal (regular) and comfort.

We also differentiate between these fits for made-to-measure shirts. Measurements are taken on the body and, depending on the fit chosen, the tailors of the made-to-measure shirt vary the so-called addition to the body size - i.e. the size that the shirt is larger than the body.

Slimfit - or "fitted"

Slimfit shirts have a very slim cut. This applies to all areas of the shirt, i.e. not only the waist but also the shoulder and arm area. Slimfit shirts are sporty, chic and an eye-catcher, especially in casual evening wear.

Slimfit shirts in particular naturally require special consideration of the very individual body measurements of their wearers. In this respect, bespoke shirts and a 'fitted' fit are the ideal combination.

By the way: A few experts when it comes to made-to-measure shirts always choose the Slimfit fit and adapt their body measurements to the measurements in order to enable very individual cuts.

We only recommend slimfit shirts if the figure is correspondingly 'slim', as otherwise the figure could be emphasized rather unfavorably.

Normal - or "regular"

The normal fit is the standard for shirts and therefore also a good standard for all occasions, especially for business shirts. When cutting, a few centimeters more are 'added' than with the slim-fit shirt. The cut is rather straight compared to the heavier sidecut in the slim fit. The slightly wider arm area in particular offers a little more space for work.

Comfort - or comfort

The comfort shirt is cut a little wider and more airy. This extra bit of air can be very beneficial in summer. The comfort fit is therefore quite popular for casual shirts. The word "popular" can quickly be deduced from the word "obese" ... why this leap in thought ?: The comfort cut is particularly suitable for more obese people.

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