What foods are considered aphrodisiacs

Aphrodisiac foods set the mood

EAT SMARTER tells you which foods aphrodisiac foods are.

The erotic simply cannot be separated from the food ... ”, says Isabel Allende, author of the book“ Aphrodite ”. The goddess of beauty and love is the eponym for everything that stimulates pleasure through the stomach: aphrodisiacs are called after her all the little delicacies that stimulate our libido and get our blood pumping.

From a scientific point of view, aphrodisiacs are not magic bullets. Nevertheless, many of them have been shown to increase sensitivity, relax the vessels, stimulate the circulation - and thus promote blood circulation and thus also pleasure.

Aphrodisiac foods: chilli

A real agitator! Nothing edible is as reliably stimulating as chili. The spice ensures that the body releases opiates and strongly stimulates the blood circulation in the mucous membranes.

Aphrodisiac foods: nutmeg

Not least because of its stimulating and intoxicating effects, nutmeg has been known and valued throughout Europe since the 16th century. In the Middle Ages, milk and wine were seasoned with them to awaken the desire for love. Today we know why: The main active ingredient in nutmeg, myristicin, has a stimulating effect on the libido. Freshly grated nutmeg is most effective. But be careful: don't overdo it, as an overdose can lead to headaches and upset stomach.

Aphrodisiac foods: parsley

"Petersiliengassen" used to be the name of certain streets in certain areas in some places ... No wonder, because parsley and parsley roots contain up to six percent of an essential oil that has an erotically stimulating effect.

Aphrodisiac foods: fish and seafood

For many, oysters are the epitome of eroticism. The ancient Romans used it to stimulate their libido; and Casanova was convinced that his morning breakfast of 50 oysters would keep the ladies steadfast. In fact, the abundant zinc it contains raises testosterone levels. But other, less expensive seafood and fish in general also serve the tempting purpose.

Aphrodisiac foods: chocolate

The Aztecs called chocolate "food of the gods" and believed in the aphrodisiac properties of cocoa beans. We know that chocolate makes you happy and that melting in the mouth is an all-round sensual pleasure. The “love potion” once served by the Maya and Aztecs is also worth a try: hot chocolate with real vanilla.

Aphrodisiac foods: celery

Why this inconspicuous bulb of all things has always been considered a highly effective aphrodisiac is still not entirely clear. The substance butylphthalide contained in celery is probably responsible for the effect, because it relaxes and calms - an important prerequisite for good sex. Presumably the contained androstenol, a male sexual attractant, also plays an important role.

Aphrodisiac foods: truffles

The noble mushrooms produce the sex attractant androstenol. It not only ensures that female pigs are looking for culinary treasures, the scent of truffles is said to be magically attractive to women too.

Aphrodisiac foods: alcohol

When properly dosed, alcohol can be a true aphrodisiac: It stimulates the pleasure centers in the diencephalon and dampens inhibitions. However: one glass too many and the stimulating effect of the alcohol turns into the opposite. It is better not to enjoy hard drinks and cocktails when it comes to seduction and love. Red wine can conjure up a sensual mood, but it is often too heavy. Always right and for good reason the classics among lovers and seducers is champagne or sparkling wine. The tingling of the carbonic acid not only ensures that the alcohol goes into the blood faster - champagne and Co. stimulate the nerves in the mouth and on the nerves with their pearly properties Tongue.

Aphrodisiac foods: quality over quantity

We have now clarified that love goes through the stomach. Which foods and spices are particularly effective, too. But what else you should consider if you want to pamper and seduce with culinary sophistication: A full stomach doesn't like to love! Of course you should both get full, but only just so - otherwise fatigue instead of sensuality is the reward of the labor of love.

Of course, we also have loads of recipes that contain aphrodisiac foods. Try our aphrodisiac recipes to enjoy together.

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