Enjoy reading novels Why

The job interview for the apprenticeship:

Questions about friends, free time and interests in the interview

"Do you like to read, are you interested in literature?"

Background in the job interview

Instead of literature, this can also be about theater, music, film or other things - depending on your information about leisure activities. Every personality shines in various facets; cultural preferences round off an applicant's character profile. A general lack of interest in culture can be seen as a sign of low open-mindedness and a narrow intellectual horizon.

What is important in the interview?

As a die-hard bookworm, you can of course enthusiastically agree. Lose a few words about your hobby - what is it about books that fascinates you, what do you particularly enjoy reading? If you are completely lacking in reading enthusiasm, then gently direct the interviewer's attention to other cultural areas.

Have you formulated a good and honest answer in your mind? These sample answers will help you further!

Example answer in the job interview

“Yes, I read quite a bit, especially newspapers, crime fiction and historical novels. Newspapers so that I can stay up to date and know what's happening. I can relax best with a crime thriller or a historical novel in hand. "

Admission ticket to the interview: the recruitment test

The interview is often not the first stage in the selection process: Many companies and authorities first hold an employment test or aptitude test to find out who is suitable for the position in question. Only those who successfully master the test will then be invited to the assessment center or interview.
Here you can practice recruitment tests and aptitude tests for different professions for free!

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