Why is beer more expensive than soda

Beer is often cheaper than mineral water

Salzburg - In Salzburg's bars, beer is sometimes cheaper than mineral water; There is also too little supply of non-alcoholic beverages, criticized Salzburg's consumer protection officer LHStv on Tuesday. Gabi Burgstaller (SPÖ). After checking 31 restaurants on Rudolfskai in the city of Salzburg and in the airport center, deficiencies were found 19 times. Either one or both anti-alcohol drinks were missing or only mineral water and soda, which are cheaper than alcohol, were offered.

The result was eight organ penal orders and three reports to the respective district administration or to the magistrate. "As long as the penalties are so low and more serious consequences such as the withdrawal of the trade license are applied so rarely, these abuses will continue to exist," said Burgstaller.

Squirted apple juice shouldn't be more expensive than half a beer

"Hotel and restaurant operators who serve alcoholic beverages are obliged to serve at least two types of cold non-alcoholic beverages at a price not higher than the cheapest cold alcoholic beverage and to label them specially." This is what § 112 of the trade regulations requires. The typical "cheap drink" apple juice sprayed on a "half" must not be more expensive than a "real" half of beer. In some cases, the prices were not visible to consumers because the drinks menu was simply missing.

Cheaper than water

It was also found that beer is sometimes cheaper than mineral water. The "Seidel" beer was spotted in the "Alkmeile" on Rudolfskai by consumer advocates for as little as 1.90 euros. Mineral water, on the other hand, cost almost twice as much. And: Drinking - regardless of whether it is anti-alcoholic or alcoholic - is expensive. For the "half" soda, a night-time operation in the airport center costs 3.80 euros. The "half" beer there costs 4.20 euros. In another company, a 0.2 coke costs a gigantic 2.80 euros. "Firstly, this is very expensive soda and, secondly, there is hardly any difference in price compared to beer. It makes it even easier for young people to drink alcohol," says Burgstaller. (APA)