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Raw food viewed critically

The assumption of the raw food theory is that some nutrients are destroyed or changed in such a way that they are more difficult for the body to absorb through excessive heat (> 42 degrees). More energy has to be expended to absorb the beneficial nutrients from the cooked food. This thought is with some nutrients such. B. Vitamin C is justified. Raw foodists have a much better supply of vitamin C. However, the Gießen long-term study from 1997 with people who ate at least 80% of their diet as raw food showed that the test subjects had a deficiency in iron, magnesium, calcium, zinc, iodine, vitamin D, vitamin B2 and vitamin B12. Therefore, the raw food should be well planned and attention should be paid to the adequate intake of these critical nutrients.

Here is a selection of vitamins and nutrients to keep an eye on:

Vitamin B12
If high amounts of B12 are basically only in the innards of animal meat, including certain marine animals, as well as certain types of cheese, you should pay attention to supplementation, especially with the predominantly vegan raw food, and the level should be checked by a doctor if necessary.

Vitamins A and E.
There are certain nutrients that are only made available to the body through the heating process. These include vitamins A and E - a heated z. B. steamed or cooked carrot thus has a higher availability of vitamin A than a raw carrot.

Iron and proteins
The iron and protein intake is critical for raw food enthusiasts, as animal products are often avoided. The easiest way to get enough protein and iron from a purely plant-based diet is primarily to eat legumes (beans, peas, etc.). Unfortunately, these are not an alternative source of raw food: they have to be cooked because they contain lectins, which are toxic to humans when raw. Iron is necessary for blood formation and the requirement should also be met.

The nutrients described are intended to show you, by way of example, that the nutrient uptake is changed by the raw food and that you should keep an eye on additional aspects, as is basically the case with any form of nutrition. If necessary, you can have this checked by visiting your family doctor.

Recipes and tips around the house:

If you feel like eating (more) raw food, you can start with a variety of new recipes. Gradually replacing meals with raw foods prevents you from taking away the fun by switching too quickly. As always, we're in favor of particularly simple solutions: A breakfast can be a bowl of fruit or a green smoothie, for example. With a smoothie, you should make sure to consume it just as slowly as vegetables and fruits in solid form. This enables your stomach to process the fructose and fiber in a better way. Smoothies are also ideal as a snack on the go. The following applies: the higher the “green” (vegetable) content in the smoothie, the healthier. How about a frothy gazpacho made from fresh tomatoes, peppers and zucchini? Or zucchini noodles with homemade basil pesto? Or cold swollen couscous with spring onions and apples for lunch or dinner?

my harvest conclusion:
We appreciate the benefits of increased raw food intake. However, this should be designed consciously and not cover the entire nutrition plan. A 50-80% raw food intake allows you to consume some of the heated food and safely cover your nutritional needs. We do not consider it sensible to additionally avoid fermented or fermented food. Raw food is a great way to eat vegetables and fruits in their natural state, rich in fiber and tasty. In addition, your usual diet can be made more varied with great, new recipes. But the most important thing is to have fun!

Already knew?

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  • The long chewing of raw foods and the high fiber content increase satiety
  • Plant drinks and nut milk can be easily made yourself with a nut bag, thus avoiding the energy-intensive production by the producers
  • Moderate (50-80%) raw food forms meet the nutrient recommendations of the German Nutrition Society
  • Raw food is not a diet, but a way of life - you can still lose weight with it

Did you get a taste for it? You can find many more suggestions and recipes in the book Raw Essence Raw Food for Beginners *.


Have fun chopping!

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