Can the earth trigger a vacuum disintegration?

What's the worst that can happen to CERN? [closed]

High energy physics experiments like those done at CERN have no limit to "the worst that can happen". That bar is at least as high as your imagination.

CERN is basically saying, "We have a model of how things work. We believe it is possible that our model is imperfect under X and Y conditions. Let's build something that works under X and Y conditions , and collect data. " You are deliberately examining regions that we do not fully understand. As such, there is no word on what they might discover if they come to a set of conditions under which some of our basic "laws" of physics turn out to be modeling assumptions.

So yes, any number of bad things can happen. However, to be fair on a statement like this, any number of unexpected things can happen when you walk out the door. Indeed, one could argue that at CERN there is no "worst that could happen" that simply couldn't happen when you get to your front door tomorrow easy Open wrongly and create just the right conditions to hit a corner case in the laws of physics we've never revealed. And of course, the same arguments apply when asked what is the best thing that can happen.

As for black hole fear, it's practically impossible to refute such things in the world of quantum physics, where scientists are always forced to talk about probabilities. However, as far as I remember, the scientists were aware of the possibility that something could go wrong, and they actually did some calculations to see how likely their models were to claim it. If I remember correctly, when the black hole was created, statistically speaking, it was probably so small that it would evaporate moments later without sucking in much of anything.


+1 we don't know exactly if Atoms will always stick together as they currently do. So the entire cosmos could break up into subatomic particles at any time, and scientists just shrug and say, "Hey, we told you it was fair." a theory. "This could happen regardless of whether the LHC did anything, and it is about as likely that the LHC was responsible for ending the universe due to other unknown physics (i.e. not likely or even predictable by current physics) is.