Chewing gum ruins your teeth

Tooth for tooth: the 9 worst no-gos for your teeth

Regular dental care is a prerequisite for beautiful and healthy teeth. Still, there are some things that can cause significant damage to your teeth despite dental care. Learn about the 9 worst no-gos that you can do to your teeth from this article.

Table of Contents

1. No-Go: sweets and sugary drinks

Even as a child we learn that Sugar and sweets harmful are for our teeth. The greater the consumption, the higher the risk of tooth decay, a dental disease in which the external tooth substance is destroyed by bacteria.

Sugary drinks such as cola are considered refreshing, especially in summer. But by drinking we absorb sugar that is in our mouth broken down into bacteria becomes - this attacks our teeth significantly.

Even natural fruit juices, such as orange juice, have an effect due to the high Fructose and acid content harmful to our teeth, as the tooth enamel is attacked.

Tip: After consuming such foods, drink a glass of mineral water to neutralize it. Another alternative to drinking sugary drinks is drinking through a straw. In this way you can prevent the tooth enamel from being attacked too much, as the fluid only reaches the teeth to a limited extent.

2. No-Go: Excessive consumption of fruit

Dried fruit also contains fruit acid, which attacks our tooth substance. In addition, the high fiber content ensures that the Fructose lighter get stuck in our interdental spaces can.

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3. No-go: snacks and nibbles

Snacks such as potato chips produce plaque bacteria that are converted to acid when ingested in the mouth. The resulting Acid attacks our tooth enamel considerably.

In addition, the production of saliva is reduced when eating snacks.
The Salivation is important for our teeth, as it serves to neutralize the oral cavity and significant minerals contains.

4. No-Go: The consumption of alcohol

Alcohol not only causes tooth discoloration, it can also have a negative effect on our gums and oral flora. Painful inflammation of the gums can develop and, last but not least, this increases the risk of periodontal disease.

It is well known that excessive alcohol consumption can lead to vomiting. This in turn leads to a Burns of teeth through your own stomach acid.

Therefore, there is also a high risk of Tooth damage from eating disorders such as bulimia, which is frequent and profuse vomiting. The oral cavity is therefore much more acidic than in healthy people.

5. No-Go: The mouth as an auxiliary tool

When they don't have scissors or a bottle opener on hand, many people try to open plastic wrappers or a bottle by mouth. But be careful: Pieces of the Splinter teeth or even in the case of hardship Break off teeth.

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6. No-Go: Piercings in the mouth area

The mouth area is one sensitive region. Therefore, piercings in this area are particularly dangerous. The metal can attack the gums, cause inflammation and cause infections. In the worst case it can be an infection too Tooth loss come.

7. No-go: tobacco consumption

In addition to the general health risk, tobacco consumption also poses a major risk of gingivitis.

On top of that, the risk of periodontal disease increases at the same time, because the consumption of tobacco causes one poor blood flow to the gumswhich in the worst case can lead to tooth loss.

8. No-Go: Stress and teeth grinding

If you are stressed, it not only harms your psyche, but also the general health of your teeth.

For many people, stress leads to (often unconscious) “grinding of teeth”. The Tooth substance is severely damaged and inflammation of the jaw can occur. As a result, there is a likelihood that Break teeth can.

You should therefore ensure that you visit your dentist regularly so that symptoms can be recognized and treated at an early stage.

Tip: If you suffer from grinding your teeth, specially made “grinding splints” can help. They ensure that severe damage to the teeth is prevented. Your dentist will be happy to help you with this topic.

9. No-Go: Brushing your teeth incorrectly

Lastly, of course, it is important that you brush your teeth the right way. Because wrong cleaning habits such as vigorous scrubbing with a toothbrush can cause great damage to the teeth. Find out how to brush your teeth properly here. >>