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Wubba lubba dub-dub!
- Rick's catch phrase in the first season

Rick Sanchez is the main protagonist and one of the eponymous characters of Rick and Morty. He is a brilliant scientist whose alcoholism and ruthless, nihilistic behavior consistently cause concern for his daughter's family and endanger the well-being of his grandson Morty Smith.


Almost nothing is known about Rick's life prior to the start of the plot. He had been gone for at least 14 years, and returned to the Smith family on January 15 about a month before the events of the first episode, School of Rick. The reason for his absence is also unknown to the other family members.

In School of Rick, Rick tells Beth that he loved the eggs she made for him and that Beth's mom would be the same if she were still there.

In Rick Potion # 9 it becomes clear that Rick has a very pessimistic worldview, since he only considers love to be a chemical reaction and advises Morty not to get drawn into the painful cycle of love, marriage and separation. At the end of the episode, the two of them leave Dimension C-137.

The episode Recall in Outer Space mentions that when he was younger, Rick was in a rock band called The Flesh Curtains along with Bird Man and Squanchy.

In The Bird Man Wedding, Rick faces the Galactic Federation and is imprisoned in a maximum security prison.


Rick is a tall, lanky old man. He is very thin and has long arms and legs. He has a pale tanned, ashy complexion and gray-blue hair, with a bald spot on the back of his head. His hair is spiky and he has a mono brow. His face is wrinkled as he has bags under his eyelids and a pressure crease above his monobrow that follows their position and laugh lines on either side of his mouth. He's wearing a white lab coat with a light blue T-shirt underneath. He also wears brown trousers, a dark brown belt with a yellow buckle and black shoes. He is occasionally seen with a green stain on his mouth, which mainly shows up when he's drunk or after throwing up. Rick speaks in a sprawling, stuttering manner that is often interrupted by burping and gagging, mostly alcohol.


Rick is a brilliant scientist capable of creating complex scientific inventions including brain-enhancing helmets, dream invasion helmets, portals to different dimensions, and the world's first amusement park inside the body of a living human. His ingenuity can be marred by his hackneyed personal views and alcoholic tendencies. Rick is easily bored and does not do well with the daily routine. When his business began to require real workload in the episode of the Curse Trading Crisis, Rick simply set fire to the whole store and left. He regularly goes to other dimensions to gather resources and is often ready to kill aliens to get them. He is ready to be extremely brutal, e.g. when people are cheating on him or his existence or those close to him are in danger. He is usually portrayed as murderous and has a great disregard for life such that he almost managed to destroy the world with a neutrino bomb when he was drunk. He was shown to enjoy killing during the purge and was even willing to kill Morty's half-Gazorpian son, as the child was a danger to everyone and an unstable species.

However, that does not make him completely heartless, because it has been shown that he is shocked, worried or angry about the loss of human life which he actually considers unnecessary, stupid or unfounded. He was upset with Morty for letting Fart live, resulting in a persecution with local police that killed many bystanders, and panicked when Unity destroyed an entire city that Rick thought was still People there. He wasn't sure if Summer and Morty were there or not. He was also shocked and upset about dying people he was close to or who nearly died, such as when Mr. Poopybutthole was shot and he ran to his side in fear for his life. When Birdman was killed by Tammy, Rick became enraged and slaughtered several Federation forces. Rick gasped when he saw Jerry get shot and mutilated several times. During the time of the purgen, he only watched the murder for a few seconds before being overwhelmed by the violence and vomiting. Later, when he was helping Arthricia get revenge on the upper class, he sensed that he had killed enough and began to think it was unnecessary.

Rick tends to be dominant and possessive of Morty and sees him as his personal helper. That doesn't stop him worrying about Morty too, though. Occasionally, he uses his inventions to improve his grandson's life, such as breaking into Mr. Goldenfold's dreams to raise the boy's math grades (although raising Morty's grades would have the side effect of increasing Morty's parents prevent removing Rick's helper).[5] Rick can also be protective of Morty, like in the episode Meeseeks and Destroy shown where he eventually puts his cynicism aside to allow Morty a positive adventure, and abruptly kills Mr. Jellybean as the two of them leave the fantasy world because of the previously attempted rape of Morty.[6] He even tried sacrificing himself for Morty in A Rickle in Time and accepted death, that is, until he found a way out before dying. He cried when he saw pictures of Morty and when he remembered Morty as a newborn baby reaching out for him when he was held captive by Evil Rick, which resulted in Evil Rick mocking him and then being insulted by Rick.

Rick and Morty have a strong bond, though their relationship is weighed down by Rick's cynicism, alcoholism, lack of conventional morals, and his tendency to push other members of the Smith family aside. Rick obviously doesn't respect Jerry in any way, and his relationship with Beth can be tumultuous at times. In Raising Gazorpazorpand Something Ricked This Way Comes, Summer marks some of Rick's adventures. Although Rick initially had very little interest in her, the two have begun to forge a closer bond.

Rick struggles to take orders from others, is very anti-totalitarian, and doesn't seem to like people with authority or government officials. He refuses to join the Council of Ricks because he sees them as a government. He also calls the Intergalactic Customs guards robots and claims that he doesn't respect them as he considers them bureaucrats and doesn't like being told where to go and what to do. Rick also has a great dislike of standardized education, claiming that school is not a place for smart people and a waste of time, and insists that things like study and homework are pointless and stupid.

Rick has apparently conflicting beliefs about religion, at one point he tells Summer at the breakfast table in the pilot, "There is no God", and in the episode Anatomy Park he tells the family, "Do you realize that Christ was born today? Jesus Christ, ours Savior, was born today - are you humans humans at all? What kind of Christmas is that? " (although he was most likely being sarcastic), Mr. Needful is quick to recognize as the devil, and if he thinks he's going to die while one of the other sixty-three Ricks is after Morty's lost collar, he actually kneels and prays, "Please God, if there is a hell, please have mercy on me "(meaning when no one else can hear him). As the 1/64. Rick succeeds he yells, "Fuck you, God, not today, bitch!" However, when the Ricks reconnect in the presence of Summer and Morty, he says again, "I did it! There is no God! In your face!" It is possible that this was only down to Rick's ego and his full confidence in his own abilities.

Despite his general disregard for others, he is shown to be harboring deep emotional pain and worry, especially when it comes to his romantic relationships such as his ex-wife and Unity. Not much is known about his marriage, but his wife's absence may be an important factor in his personality today. Much more is known about his relationship with Unity. After refreshing himself with Unity's beehive avatars during a long party, he returned to find the unit and all of the planet's inhabitants that had disappeared, and she left a goodbye note for Rick stating that she did enjoyed their time with him, but they can't be together because they are too similar, as they are too similar in the sense that they both turn others into mirror images of themselves, although in Rick's case they tend to do so through bad Influence than through assimilation.

Depressed, heartbroken and alone, Rick returned home, where he was confronted with Beth over the basement cave and the escaped alien, and asked not to keep alien pets. To Beth's (and the whole family's) shock, Rick just gave in and retired to the garage, where he clumsily attempted suicide with a makeshift death ray. He first killed a small, baby-like blob creature that he kept in hopes of curing the space AIDS that the alien apparently suffered from. After Beth and Jerry Blim let Blam escape, Rick lost his chance to find the cure, hence his decision to put the little alien to sleep. He thawed it with a serum and stroked it comfortingly as it screamed and screamed. He turned it to ashes with the death ray before sitting under it when he tried to shoot again, only to pass out at the last moment while the death ray was overloaded and fried. He fell over his workbench and passed out for most of the day and night. Rick and Morty then went to the world of Beta 7, where Unity lives. Rick requested to see Unity, but Beta 7 informed Rick that he is considered a "hostile being" and threatens to attack the two of them if they don't leave, which Rick reluctantly did at Morty's urging.

Substance abuse

Originally, Rick's drinking is portrayed from a more comedic point of view throughout the run of the series, but in the Ricksy Business season one finale, Bird Man claims that Rick is in great pain (referring to his phrase “wubba lubba dub dub” meaning “I have great pain, please help me. ”in the language of the bird man), and that he numbs himself with drugs and alcohol. This is most likely due to his ingenious intelligence and the traumatizing effect his continuous adventures can have on him, past and present. In Rick Potion No. 9 explains to Rick that the best way to deal with terrible events and outcomes is to "not think about".

Criminal record

His numerous adventures with Morty have shown that Rick is ready and willing to disregard rules, laws and social norms when it comes to completing a task or escaping a dangerous situation. In season one, Rick resorts to assault, vandalism, smuggling, minor corruption, trespassing, reckless endangerment, terrorist threats, indecent exposure, and even murder and arson to accomplish what needs to be done. The most common crimes are drinking (or flying) driving, substance abuse, and public drunkenness.

In the episode The Bird Man Wedding, Rick is arrested by the Galactic Federation. His full criminal record is displayed on a monitor. Although in a foreign language and illegible, it is considered to be quite long. After he was put in the highest security level, another inmate asks him: "What are you in there for?", To which Rick simply replies with "Everything".

  • Attack: In the episode Split Time is Double Time, Rick began beating a member of the Galactic Federation. Also in the pilot episode, Rick hits a watching alien in the face while he flees from airport security and makes the alien cry.
  • Bioterrorism: In the episode Rick Potion # 9, Rick made a dysfunctional love potion that spread a flu-like virus to everyone in the world, causing them to tear apart and mutate into giant praying mantis monsters. He tried to fix this by using a different potion, but that only made her mutate again and take the whole world off guard. He couldn't correct the mutations in the end, and just left the dimension with Morty, leaving all the mutated humans behind.
  • Trespassing: In the episode The Lawnmower Dog, Rick and Morty snuck into Mr. Goldenfold's house while he was sleeping, intending to brainwash him to give Morty an A in math by looking into Mr. Goldenfold's dreams penetrated and brought in the idea.
  • Cable Piracy: In The What If Episodes? and Whoever Says A Must Say Penis too, Rick used an interdimensional cable box to stream an infinite number of television channels to his own television and hospital intergalactic television.
  • Child Abuse: In most of the episodes in the series, Rick takes Morty on all of his adventures, sometimes against his will. He often endangers his life, leaving him traumatized and mentally scarred by exposing him to frightening and horrific things, such as: B. the sight of him being killed and buried his own body or being forced to kill clones of his family. Morty is also the victim of many physical injuries, such as: B. breaking his legs in three places. In the Friends and Other Parasites episode, Rick was even seen pushing Morty down a flight of stairs, simply as a joke, in a flashback montage, along with other ways Rick mistreated him.
  • Drunk Driving: Rick is drunk during most of the episodes of Rick and Morty and has been seen driving his spaceship while drunk. Especially in School of Rick when Rick was visibly intoxicated while flying his spaceship with Morty and it almost led him to destroy the world.
  • Crime Murder: In the course of their adventures, many people died as a direct or indirect result of Rick's actions. These deaths usually occurred while committing various other serious crimes he committed, including criminal prosecution, smuggling, fraud, etc. Rick also made Morty kill people for him, such as: B. Get him to shoot the security guards to help them escape in the School of Rick episode.
  • Genocide: In the episode The Gods Must Be Mad to hold the inhabitants of the microverse that produces energy for his spaceship, Rick smashes the container of the miniverse. This causes the miniverse and teenage universes (a miniature universe within the miniverse) and its two races to be erased from existence.
  • Human Cloning: In the Teenage Maniac episode, it was revealed that Rick had cloned and bred other versions of himself in vats in his bunker under the Smith Family’s garage. While it remains unclear where cloning fits into intergalactic law, it is illegal on Earth, at least.
  • Illegal Arms Trade: In the episode Five Days to Mortynacht, it was revealed that Rick had long been selling guns to a killer and possibly hired him to kill various living things.
  • Embodiment / Imitation: When Rick's preparations mutated everyone on the planet who was not biologically related to Morty in the episode Rick Potion # 9, the two traveled to a new dimension, versions of which had just died in an explosion seconds before their arrival, and took their places as if nothing had happened. The bodies are currently still buried in Smith's backyard.
  • Kidnapping and Illegal Detention: In the episode An Old Crush, it was revealed that Rick kidnapped an alien and held him in the basement for a period of time against his own will so that he could run multiple tests on him.
  • Murder: In addition to all of the hostile aliens he killed, Rick also killed several innocent beings. In the episode The Fantastic Mr.Meeseeks, he blasted King Jellybean with a laser gun when he left the Dimension (although it was justified as Jellybean tried to rape Morty and turned out to be a serial rapist pedophile). In the Jugendwahn episode, he ran around with an ax, killing multiple live versions of himself in different age groups, including a baby, toddler, young adult, and adult (although this could also fall under suicide as it was his own clones ). In the episode The Bird Man Wedding, he killed a few more members of the Galactic Federation. In Anarchy For Beginners, Rick and Morty join the purge, and Rick kills a large number of government officials, despite this being a successful attempt to end the purge.
  • Slavery: In the episode The Gods Must Be Crazy, it was revealed that Rick's spaceship battery was powered by a microverse containing an entire planet of humans forced to generate its electricity (initially through deception, later through fear of destruction).
  • Smuggling: In the episode School of Rick, Rick attempted to smuggle Mega Seeds past intergalactic customs security by getting Morty to shove them up his ass to avoid the scanner discovering them. However, when the guard told them they had a new machine that would track things down there, Rick grabbed Morty and ran away from them.
  • Terrorism: At the end of the episode The Gods Must Be Mad, the inhabitants of the Mikroversum are forced to step on gooble boxes to operate Rick's spaceship for fear that their planet will be destroyed (see slavery above).
  • Time Bend: In the episode Split Time Is Double Time, Rick paused time for six months, which caused time to start splitting multiple times, to the point where a four-dimensional being from the Galactic Federation came and tried to arrest him and his grandchildren, which also showed that Rick may have done it before.
  • Animal Torture: At the end of the episode An Old Crush, Rick revealed that he was in possession of a living, albeit frozen, being (unclear about the being's sensation) that suffered terribly after thawing, and then let it go hit an overheated beam, pulverizing it to ash. He probably did this to test his suicide machine.
  • Vandalism / Fire: Rick destroyed several things in the episode School of Rick in the intergalactic customs. In the episode Crisis in the Curse Trade, Rick had a shop and since he got bored quickly, he dumped gasoline there and lit the gasoline while there were still people in the shop.
  • Treason / Rebellion: Before the series began, Rick was part of an organization trying to overthrow and destroy the Galactic Federation along with his old comrades Squanchy and Bird Man.



Despite being exploitative and demanding, Rick genuinely cares about his grandson and values ​​their adventures together, which may make him the only Rick who does this. However, he is reluctant to show any outward love or appreciation to make sure Morty doesn't get cocky. In M. Night Shaym Aliens! Rick seems really shocked that the Morty he was traveling with turned out to be a simulation, calling the Zigerions "devil sons of bitches" because he was angry that they were simulating his genitals. Then he gets very drunk and threatens the real Morty with a knife and wants to know if he's another simulation before he passes out. Morty is possibly the stabilizing influence in Rick's life that keeps Rick from doing things that could end up doing him a lot of damage, even if that doesn't work on many occasions. If Rick messes things up, Morty is the one to convince him to fix things again.

Although Morty often frustrates him, Rick seems very annoyed at the idea of ​​not being able to go on adventures with Morty. He tries again and again to help Morty escape his other obligations in order to buy more time so that he can continue to be his assistant, e.g. B. by taking him out of school, manipulating Mr. Goldenfold's dreams to give Morty A's grades in math, allowing Morty to go on an adventure of his own, and making a vole oxytocin serum to coerce Jessica, Morty to love just for Morty to hand him a screwdriver.

Rick's (and all Ricks in other realities) reason for bringing Morty along with him is that all Ricks give off a very distinct brainwave pattern due to their genius, making them easy to track by their various enemies. The only way to cover these brain waves is to have someone close by who covers these waves / whose brain waves are "compatible". Rick calls these brain waves "Morty waves". Despite this, Rick seems to do things with Morty for reasons beyond needing camouflage, such as watching TV with him in "Rixty Minutes", taking him to an alien pawn shop in"Raising Gazorpazorp", and infiltrating Mr. Goldenfold's dreams in"Lawnmower Dog". It can also be pointed out that Rick can be spiteful to those that have genuinely upset Morty, such as in"Meeseeks and Destroy"when King Jellybean assaulted Morty, which not only caused Rick to attempt to cheer Morty up but also murder King Jellybean once he figured out what happened.

Rick believes that Morty is "as dumb as he (Rick) is smart", but still insists that Morty focus on science in "Rick Potion No. 9". He claims that Morty will" be like him (Rick) someday ", and that he has a" special mind ". He also takes offense when Jerry insinuates that Morty has some kind of disability.


Rick initially cared very little for and paid scarce attention to his granddaughter, saying her opinion meant "very little" to him. As time went on, however, the two began to bond and go on their own adventures, making her, in a sense, Rick's second sidekick. In "Something Ricked This Way Comes", Rick and Summer train themselves together to buff up and assault Mr. Needful for revenge.

Rick is also disgusted by the sight of a dream version of Summer dressed in sexual clothing in "Lawnmower Dog", and having her ask Rick and Morty to" make an inter-generational sandwich "makes him want to vomit.


It appears that Rick loves his daughter, and for the most part is kind to her. However, his treatment of her may just be a ploy to stay on her good side so he can continue to stay at her home and continue his adventures with Morty, although during Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind many Ricks from different dimensions seem to like C-137 Rick's daughter, proving that he might have true feelings for his daughter.

Jerry claims that Beth was "raised like a reptile by a mentally ill scientist" in "Raising Gazorpazorp", suggesting that Rick's method of raising Beth was unorthodox.

Rick also treats Beth with more respect than he does the rest of the family. He often will curse at the other members or mock them but he is never seen doing this to Beth. He also has called her "Sweetie" a few times.

While the exact details have yet to be revealed, it can be assumed that Rick was absent from a majority of Beth's life due to his adventures and terrorist acts against the Galactic Federations, most notably with Birdperson and Squanchy. Rick only came back into Beth's life a short while before "School of Rick", though he visited at least once during Morty's very early childhood. It is likely that she was unaware of this visit.


Rick has no respect for Jerry and uses any chance he gets to demean or humiliate him, whether it's constantly reminding him of his failing marriage to Beth or mocking his low intelligence. Rick seems to somewhat resent the fact that Jerry had sex with Beth, his daughter, and got her pregnant with Summer at seventeen.

Despite the fact that Rick sees Jerry as an idiot, he still helps him with his requests (providing him with an intelligence enhancer for Snuffles, the Meeseeks Box, and the parallel timeline goggles), and asks that the Rick Officers from the Council of Ricks "unfreeze his daughters's idiot" in "Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind". However, it may simply be a way of him getting Jerry to stop bothering him or not bother him in the first place.

In "Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind,"while the alternate Ricks are waiting at Rick C-137's house, Rick accurately predicts that the others Ricks" won't be able to resist "messing with Jerry, meaning that Rick hating Jerry is evident for almost all Ricks in every reality.

Also, in Mortynight Run, a daycare was set up by a Rick to allow other Ricks to deposit their respective Jerrys. At first glance, it would seem the Jerrys enjoyed their time there but the more grim reality is revealed when a couple of Jerrys claimed they are abandoned as "their Ricks never returned". It's also revealed though that they are free to leave whenever they want as holding them against their will would be illegal. They just choose not to because they can't handle it out there because they're Jerrys. This can be seen as Rick at least not wanting Jerry to be killed since a version of him set up a daycare filled with stuff Jerry enjoys.

Despite his apparent hatred of Jerry, in "Interdimensional Cable 2: Tempting Fate," he was just as horrified as the rest of the family at seeing him shot dead by the guards, though was right back to his usual demeanor towards his son-in -law when he was revived by advanced alien technology. In the episode "M. Night Shaym-Aliens!" he actually comforts Jerry after Jerry finds out the best day of his life was a simulation.


  • Rick's appearance is a parody of Doc Brown Back to the future.
  • His last name, Sanchez, is of Spanish origin. In the audio commentary of the episode Auto Erotic Assimilation, it was confirmed that Rick is of Spanish descent. Exactly from where is unknown.
    • Justin Roiland claims that he considers Rick's cultural background to be irrelevant. [7]
  • He says he has the hardest working liver in the galaxy.
  • Rick (C-137) is the only Rick ever who takes care of his Morty, for example when he starts to cry when he is shown various memories of Morty, even though he externally dismisses it as "allergic to fools". This is further proven when he was ready to sacrifice himself for his Morty during season 2 episode 1 when they were in Schrödinger's cat field.
  • In "Auto Erotic Assimilation," Rick is revealed to be an open pansexual.[8][9][10][11][12]
  • It's possible that Rick had a complicated relationship with his father because he wanted a stand of men who remotely resembled his father to cheer him on while he had sex with Unity. In "Pocket Mortys" the scientist known as Rick says how he heard that Rick's mother was never satisfied. It's possible they were not very supportive of Rick and weren't satisfied with his achievements.
  • It is often mentioned that Rick was absent from the family for a long time, and came back later some time before the School of Rick.
    • At the start "Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind," it was revealed that the date that he came back was Martin Luther King Jr's birthday, January 15.
    • Interestingly, it has been shown a few times throughout the series that Rick has seen and held Morty as both a baby and a young toddler despite having been away from the family for some time before that and not officially reappearing until almost year before the show started , causing many fans to theorize "our" Rick is not originally from "our" Morty's dimension or that he had been secretly visiting his grandson.
    • It's also possible that he did drop in on the family when Morty was a baby but was never around more than that.
  • In "A Rickle in Time," he briefly mentions that if he dies in a cage, he loses a bet. What this bet is wagering or who its with is never stated.
  • A flashback gag in "Total Rickall" shows Rick as being interested in getting a special edition Link Between Worlds 3DS XL and asking Nintendo for sponsorship. However, Rick actually owns a black 3DS that he is seen playing in "Look Who's Purging Now".
  • Rick's Global Bank Card number is 1234 1234 1234 1234
  • Rick can write with his right hand,[13] shoot with his right hand,[14] and sometimes holds objects with his right,[15] but seems to favor using his left. He is often seen holding drinks with his left,[16] shooting with his left,[17] and even plays guitar left in a framed photo in Bird Person's house,[18] with the exclusion of "Big Trouble in Little Sanchez", where he plays guitar right-handed.[19] With this evidence, it seems that Rick may be Ambidextrous.
  • Rick breaks the fourth wall more than any other character in the series. In fact, he seems to be the only character fully aware of the fact that he's in a TV show.
  • Politically, Rick's views appear to fall into bottom right quadrant of the Political Compass (Anti-authoratarian with right wing economics), as he opposes totalitarism (he hates the government telling him what to do), opposes customs and airport regulations (he tries to smuggle megaseeds with him), hates bureaucracy (he calls bureaucrats "robots") and hates standarized education (as he points out in School of Rick). At the end of Look Who's Purging Now Rick comments, "Well a helpful rule might be if you need something, you get it. Pretty simple right?", When talking to the inhabatits of the purge planet which indicates he may be an anti- authoratarian with a preference for left wing economic policies and a social safety net.[20]
  • In the episode Big Trouble In Little Sanchez, Rick appears as a 14 year old clone of himself with the same hair color as his normal age.This would imply that he has either had light blue hair his entire life or something changed in his biology to cause it.
  • Rick's prisoner ID code while incarcerated is AE-3852-I.[21]
  • It's often shown that Rick knows he's a cartoon character. According to fan theories, this is also the reason for his depressive and suicidal behavior, as he knows that as the main character of the series he cannot die.