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Unread post from Morko from Adis » 11.12.2014 23:14

In order to answer your questions systematically, with the help of the ways of sorcery (especially p. 34 ff.)

a.) That depends, the Druids, Ferkina and Ottagaldrrituale are a little eliminated here. If you come from the SF Blood magic goes out, then there is the following restriction:
ONLY rituals, so in the narrower sense:
- Object and tradition rituals of the magical traditions
- shamanic rituals
- the spells that are considered rituals due to their nature or length (e.g. INVOCATIO, CHIMAEROFORM, DSCHINNENCUF, ARCANOVI, etc.)
can be fed using blood magic.

b.) With himself, i.e. using his own blood, he has control. For use a sample is applied MU / MU / KK + LeP - RkW of the (suitable) tradition to be used filed.
In addition, the magus / sorcerer loses 1d6 LeP as blood magic is difficult to control.

There is no stopping the sacrifice of foreign beings, they inevitably die.

c.) I have to admit, I have relatively little experience with DSA, the blood is usually collected in bowls and possibly mixed. I think it's best if everyone lets their sinister imagination run wild.

So in general the blood magic is more ... I don't want to say inferior, but the disadvantages are just huge. And if you don't need 20 virgins to conjure up 20 Shruufs, then I could think of no reason to use them except for dark flaaaaair and badassness.
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