Is Sehun someone's bias in EXO

Two weeks in paradise


Mark's PoV

I leaned against the ping pong table with a dreamy look. We had long since given up playing, the match that the others were playing on the field was way too interesting.
And when Jackson made the last basket, I just had to jump up and cheer. Laughing, I fell into Minzy's arms, who had been standing next to me and cheered and clapped Baekhyun, who had also cheered on Taos and Jackson's team. Even the teachers clapped briefly and then announced that we could now go to our rooms.
But my eyes were still on the crowd lying on the ground that Jackson had overturned.
Only the blue team withdrew from the field towards the hotel with pissed-off faces. All except Kris, who was talked down by Mr. Kim and Park. The blonde just staggered annoyed and tried to pull away with his new girlfriend as well. But not with a Kim Heechul who forced the Chinese to be treated on the couch. Tao's mocking look didn't escape me.
The others also slowly broke away from the white-haired man, who sat up with a fat grin. I crept a little shyly along the plate so as not to meet him immediately. But Jackson saw it differently. He only marginally saw the congratulations and slapped the hands of his fans before he came straight to me. I paused in my creeping around and stood stock still. What would he do now? Expect congratulations from me? Pull me up like his wife and kiss me? Damn Mark, what are you thinking? My cheeks turned treacherously hot and I pinned the ground at my feet. Shit, that was embarrassing! We weren't even together, I shouldn't even worry about him ...

"Hey Markie," the white-haired man greeted me and pulled me out of my thoughts. "H..hey, congratulations," I smiled shyly, barely daring to look him in the eye. Why was I suddenly so shy !? Perhaps it was because Jackson's victory made all eyes on us and watching us. Oh God...
"You've seen it?" asked the Chinese with a trace of astonishment. "Of course! Who wouldn't have that?" I replied with a slight laugh. Did he think I didn't care what he was doing?
Jackson shook his head briefly and then smiled: "Well? Do I get a reward now?"
Startled, I looked at the younger boy. Sorry? "W .. what do you want?" I stammered in surprise and bit my lower lip nervously. What kind of nonsense was in the head of the idiot !? "Well, a prize. I finally won for you," he grinned with a trace of pride in his voice. "To me?" I raised my eyebrows in disbelief. "Sure! You should always dedicate your winnings to someone special," Jackson suddenly winked. "Where did you get that from?" I still laughed, overrun by him. "I don't know," he shrugged before getting quite close to me, "so? What do I get?"
He looked at me so expectantly that my heart began to race.
Did he want me to kiss him? In front of everyone else? He couldn't be serious! I didn't even know if he was really gay and then he asked me to do something like that!
But the Chinese made the decision for me by tapping his cheek with his index finger. I looked at him with wide eyes. So he was serious.
With my heart pounding, I leaned forward and breathed a feather-light kiss on his cheek. The blood in my veins was boiling and I got very hot with excitement. You could see us all!
I quickly moved away from the broadly grinning white-haired man. "Thanks Markie," he thanked me and unabashedly pressed a quick kiss on the cheek. If my cheeks weren't red before, they'd now turned the color of a tomato at the latest. "Afterparty on Bambams and my room," he breathed in my ear and then walked away from me. But I was far too shocked to even be able to move. Jackson Wang had let me kiss his cheek in front of everyone.

Tao's PoV

"Hey, that's great Mark," I grinned at half past ten in his room. In the meantime I had showered, changed into different clothes, and lightly traced my eyes with kohl. Just like Mark, I was invited to the little "after party" by our winning team and it didn't hurt to look good. And I was all the more excited to hear of Mark's success with Jackson. Jinyoung was also happy for our redhead and patted him on the shoulder.
"Shall we go then?" Mark then asked shyly and ran a hand through his hair. We nodded in agreement and crept out into the corridor. The teachers were one floor below us and we would only go back to the beach tomorrow so we could sleep off our intoxication, but we had to be careful not to get caught. But apparently all the gods were in a peaceful mood for us, because we reached Jackson's room without any problems. There was no need to knock, because Kai and Sooyoung arrived shortly before us and went in with us.
Inside I was amazed at how big the room actually was. It was no wonder they held the celebration there. There were two large beds in the room, which were already occupied, and then a small "pit" in which there was a large sofa area with a glass table. With some space behind it, there was a desk and then the balcony, which was occupied by a few smokers. I looked around in amazement in the comparatively huge room.
"Our Wang made some money so we could party," a dark voice suddenly whispered in my ear. Quay. I nodded in understanding and looked around for the alcohol. Of course I didn't have to look long for it, because it almost piled up on the table. "Do you want to drink something?" the tall Korean asked me and I nodded briefly: "Sure." I caught a brief, warning look from Mark, but before I could reply, a white-haired man pulled him to the side and hugged him. Jinyoung also said goodbye with a smile and went to two girls. Overstrained, I looked around for familiar faces, but Minzy and Chaerin were trapped on the couch by two boys, Jaebum and his girlfriend were talking to Kai at the "bar" and Baekhyun was probably in their rooms with Luhan. I couldn't see Seohyun anywhere either, which was fine with me, but this seemed to be an exclusive party. A party without Kris and without Sehun. All the better.

In a slightly better mood, I walked down the three steps to the lower area of ​​the room and was immediately captured elegantly by Kai, who guided me to the balcony. I didn't know what the black-haired man was up to, but I was more than suspicious. When he gave me my drink, I set it down on the little table next to the railing and looked at him carefully.
"Good game," I congratulated him again without taking my eyes off him. "Likewise," the Korean replied and toasted me before taking a sip of his drink. It struck me that he wasn't taking his eyes off me either. "You have met Sehun astonishingly often," I remarked sharply and leaned against the metal railing. "Do I have this?" the other person asked charmingly before laughing, "but your ball also went surprisingly often in Yifan's direction." I smiled. "I didn't even notice," I replied, laughing as well, and took my drink again to take a sip from it. It was weird to have such a conversation with someone who threatened me less than 12 hours ago, but somehow I loved the danger. "Of course," the older one agreed, flashing his eyes. For a short time it was quiet between us, but at some point I couldn't take it anymore.
"What did you mean this afternoon?"
The Korean smiled knowingly. He seemed to know the question was burning on my tongue. "I can't tell you what it is. I just wanted to warn you," the taller said enigmatically and took another sip. "Before what?" I urged him and came closer to him. "In front of Yifan," he whispered, looking me in the eye.
"I'm not afraid of danger," I replied cockily, which made Kai laugh. "I know that." He had put on his charming smile again and was studying me closely. "I like you Tao. I was afraid you'd burn your fingers on Yifan, but maybe I was wrong and it's the other way around?" he asked, looking at me closely. "Maybe," I whispered arrogantly back.
I felt it. That charged tension between us as we looked at each other again. That sexually charged tension I always felt before I kissed someone. He almost seemed to devour me with his eyes and I could no longer breathe. Kai was dangerous. Even more dangerous than Kris and I knew it. But I had literally told him that I wasn't afraid. I wasn't in love with Kai. No, I even thought he was biased and arrogant. He'd also sent around pictures of one of my best friends. But he was just as attractive. And he wanted me. So I did the only thing that seemed possible to me in this situation, even if it would kill me.
I tipped my drink on his face.

For an awful long second I thought he was going to kill me. Push me over the railing or twist my neck. But then came the second surprise that evening. He laughed and looked at me. "I'm impressed. You are damn dangerous Tao. Or are you just reckless?"
With these words he left me alone.

It was well after 1 a.m. when I finally got to Taby's house. If she noticed anything about my key theft, let alone the party, she'd really send me home right away. After all, we had already danced on her nose enough. But when I quietly entered the house, everything was dark.
I exhaled in relief. It was really a miracle that the lady had given us so much space and left us alone through the connecting door in the annex. Although this was not suitable for an apartment of our own due to the lack of a kitchen, we could be there undisturbed in our rooms and did not have to sneak past any bedrooms at night. The family probably just wanted some peace and quiet and took advantage of the vacant rooms available for visiting students.
Relieved, I walked up the separate stairs of the annex to my room, which was right at the end of the stairs. As pitch black as it was, I crossed the hall, but before I could put my hand on the handle, I was roughly pulled back and pressed hard against the wall.
Panting, I tried to collect myself and make out my attacker in the dark when he hissed: "Where have you been !?" Sighing, I relaxed and gave my opponent a condescending look, even if he might not be able to see him. "That's none of your business with Kris. Now let go of me, I'm tired."
An indefinable sound could be heard from my counterpart before he suddenly continued: "God you are driving me crazy Tao." The next thing I felt were warm lips on mine.

At first I wanted to tear myself away to give him one. What was he imagining !? But when those lips moved hotly against mine, I became comfortably warm. I didn't know if it was the alcohol in my blood or my longing for it, but I wrapped my arms around my neck and responded with a satisfied sigh.
When the bigger one noticed this, the grip of my arms loosened before his hands were placed on my ass with a loud click. I gasped in surprise and pressed my body closer to his when Kris used his tongue to gain access to my mouth.
He challenged me to join in and let me forget everything around me. Heart racing, I replied, digging my fingers into his blond hair and not being ready to ever let go of him. But the Chinese had something else in mind. He pushed me against the wall, deepened that already hot kiss and pinched my ass. I jumped up on him in high spirits, wrapped my legs around his waist and pressed my pelvis against his. I felt the bulge on his jeans more than clearly. But it wasn't just him. My blood also slowly collected in my lower area, letting me respond more and more violently to his kiss.
We both couldn't stand it, but we didn't go beyond kissing. For at least half an hour we made around violently in the hallway, doing gymnastics and rubbing against each other. But neither of us wanted to give in and pull the other into the room. So it was much too hot French kisses that drove me crazy and my hands that greedily wandered under his shirt to feel his six pack.

But suddenly the bigger one broke away.
Still intoxicated and pretty horny by the way, I leaned against the wall. Panting, I looked at the bigger one, who I could see better by now. "Good night," said the latter with a broad smile and stepped up to me quickly to give me a long; but unlike our previous dirty make-out; giving an innocent kiss before quickly disappearing into his room.
I stood there for another five minutes to even realize what had just happened. Kris had intercepted me and had half a dry sex for 30 minutes, only to leave me alone in the hallway !? After leaving me alone on the beach once and announcing his relationship with Seohyun two days later?
More than angry, I mucked into my room. I would have loved to slam the door loudly, but that would wake everyone else in the house. Pissed off, I let myself fall on my bed and stared at the ceiling. That asshole!
Unfortunately, the next moment I noticed the tightness of my jeans. Sighing, I looked down at myself to see that Yifan's attack still had consequences for me. So lend a hand yourself.


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