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Sports mediation

Conflicts are possible in all sports, between all stakeholder groups and at every interface to sport.

The qualified mediation in conflicts creates short-term and especially long-term favorable conditions for all those involved. The way they deal with difficult issues ensures lasting relationships and affects the success of sports companies and clubs as well as the performance of teams and individual athletes.

The advantages of sports mediation are of particular importance. It can be used immediately, economically and discreetly:

+ quick, self-determined solutions
+ stable (business) relationships
+ manageable costs
+ absolute confidentiality

Sports mediation is an efficient instrument for the further development of a club, for promoting individual athletes, team spirit and the integration of players.

Areas of application of mediation in the field of sports companies, clubs, teams and individual athletes are:

Within a club

general conflicts

- in the club management (presidium, board, sporting management)

- between club management and coach

- coach and team

- within the team, between individual players

- between youth coaches and young talents

- between young players in the training centers

External conflicts

general conflicts

- with (sports) associations

- Players' agents

- with schools and training companies for young talents

- with fan groups, within and between fan clubs

with investors

- Banks, investors, sponsors, silent partners

with local politics and authorities

- City administration, (sports) mayor, sports committee

- Building authority in the planning, construction, operation and use of sports facilities

with the press and the media

- Journalists, reporters, reporters, moderators, critics

Sports related conflicts

- with competitors
- with referees
- with the sports jurisdiction

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