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This is how Google, Twitter and Facebook react to the corona virus

The coronavirus or Covid-19 is stopping major tech events around the globe. Google has canceled its developer conference Google I / O and is putting off potential visitors for the next edition. This means that after the Mobile World Congress (MWC 2020), another important event from the industry falls victim to the virus. Now, however, Google has reacted on another level and also sharpened the SOS warning message for Germany.

Previously, Facebook had already canceled the F8, also the developer conference. The GDC, i.e. the Games Developer Conference, and Nvidia's GTC (GPU Technology Conference) have also already been moved to the network and will not take place as planned.

In Germany, too, more and more organizations are canceling their events. As a result, even Deutsche Bahn had to react. It now offers free ticket cancellations for customers who cannot start their trip due to the coronavirus or the reason for the trip has been canceled.

Google, Facebook and Twitter: This is how the industry reacts to the corona virus

In addition to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, Google is reacting to the spreading new virus from China on another level and activating its SOS system for the corona virus. Together with the World Health Organization (WHO), Google is now offering bundled information about the new virus on its products. The system provides information that Google employees review and deem relevant. For example, they are prominently displayed when entering the search term "Coronavirus" in Google search.

The information includes safety tips, background information on the coronavirus and news from the World Health Organization. Twitter and Facebook are doing very similar things.

Today we launched an SOS Alert w / @WHO, to make resources about #coronavirus easily accessible. When people search for related info on @Google, they’ll find the alert atop results page w / direct access to safety tips, info, resources & Twitter updates from WHO.

- Google Communications (@Google_Comms) January 30, 2020

Facebook Crisis Response

Alert systems are not only a big topic at Google. Other widespread providers also offer such or similar systems. Facebook, for example, can use its Crisis Response to facilitate queries from users to users and offers various access points to the respective disaster. For example, when activated by Facebook, people in the crisis region can be asked to report. Endangered users can then activate a status "I am safe". On Facebook, however, nothing has happened to the corona virus here.

  • Reporting system for crisis cases: NINA

Instead, Facebook, like Twitter, has reported that information is being sorted differently. The search preferably shows information about the coronavirus that comes from verified sources or partners and thus suppresses sensational or false reports about the virus.

On Twitter, such partner links are already available under #coronavirus in these countries: Australia, Brazil, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, USA, Great Britain, Denmark, Germany, France , Spain and Vietnam. In Germany, a link will then appear to the infektionsschutz.de page of the Federal Center for Health Education. In the app, the topic is also prominently displayed on the homepage.

Facebook has also confirmed the search process for its subsidiary Instagram in a message. To this end, Facebook wants to make data available to scientists so that they can improve their forecast and propagation simulations. Here Facebook takes you to the Federal Ministry of Health.

We want to help you access credible information, especially when it comes to public health.

We’ve adjusted our search prompt in key countries across the globe to feature authoritative health sources when you search for terms related to novel #coronavirus. pic.twitter.com/RrDypu08YZ

- Twitter Public Policy (@Policy) January 29, 2020

Coronavirus is spreading

The coronavirus, which originated in China, belongs to the family that also spawned SARS. China has now taken drastic measures to prevent further spread. Entire cities have been cordoned off and there are strict controls at traffic junctions. Some airlines like Lufthansa have stopped their flights to China. There have been cases of illness outside of the Asian continent in the USA, France and Germany, among others. Nationwide measures have now been taken in Italy. Austria has also cut off train traffic to the peninsula.

NINA: Germany-wide federal warning app