What is the most effective advertisement ever

From Cindy Crawford's legendary Pepsi spot to Apple's first commercial: The 10 best Super Bowl spots of all time

231. Apple: 1984

The Macintosh was born 32 years ago and became a computer legend. The first TV commercial for Apple's computers also achieved cult status and is still considered one of the most influential commercials of all time. The 1984 Super Bowl, January 22nd, Washington Redskins versus the Los Angeles Raiders, third quarter. Commercial break. 96 million viewers of the US Football League final witness the birth of a legend. In 60 seconds the world will be prepared for the arrival of the latest Apple computer.

2. Pepsi: Cindy Crawford

In 1991, Cindy Crawford pulled over to the side of the road in a red Lamborghini for a can of Pepsi. The sexy commercials that aired for the first time during the Super Bowl made the top model an icon and the commercial a classic. In 2002, Pepsi co-directed a remake with Crawford.

3. Volkswagen: The Force

“‘ The Force ’is one of the Super Bowl's most successful commercials and is now one of the most discussed videos of all time in social networks,” said Luca de Meo, ex-Head of Marketing Group and Volkswagen Passenger Cars, now Seat CEO.

4. Old Spice: The Man you man could smell like

The “Old Spice” brand had a huge image problem. The aging men's fragrance from the American Proctor & Gamble group was on the verge of extinction. Then the turning point. As part of the Super Bowl 2010, this commercial was broadcast in which the "Old Spice man" entered the advertising stage for the first time.

5. Mc Donald’s: The Showdown

Michael Jordan and Larry Bird, the world's best basketball professionals, compete for a McDonald’s Bic Mac and a serving of french fries. The advertising was such a success that McDonald’s put Jordan into bizarre competitions in other spots.

6. Snickers: You are not you when you are hungry

The 30-second ad from Snickers is still alive today. Because the slogan “You are not you when you are hungry” is still used in Snickers advertisements in 2015. The campaign developed at the time by BBDO / New York ran during the game in 2010 and was a big hit. The brand received tons of additional PR and also brought Betty White a comeback. White became a guest host for the popular late-night show Saturday Night Live.

7. Gopro: Dubstep Baby

Find out what happens when you strap a GoPro onto your child's head. Then leave your child alone with their dad for a day. And whoosh, a gopro spot is created.

8. Budweiser: Whassup?

The spot is based on a short film: Friends talk to each other on the phone and say “Whassup?” Pretty simple idea, with a long reach. "Whassup?" won the Cannes Grand Prix Award and the Grand Clio Award.

9. Coca Cola: Mean Joe Green

It's one of the most popular television spots for Coca-Cola with “Pittsburgh Steelers” tackle Joe Greene. The spot aired multiple times during Super Bowl XIV in 1980. Greene later recalled having trouble saying "Hey boy, catch!" While filming. accept. “It's very difficult to drink a whole bottle of Coca-Cola and then speak clearly. The first three times I couldn't utter the spell without opening up. "

10. Victoria's Secret: Mood for Love

Victoria's Secret bought the last free seat at the Super Bowl in 2008, making it the second time since 1999. The spot is less about the game and more about the upcoming Valentine's Day. Victoria Secret Angel Adriana Lima was hired for the advertising.