In Islam women can wrestle

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New release

Mouhanad Khorchide and Walter Homolka

How Islam and Judaism make our society better

Judaism and Islam - two rival religions? The two religions are closer than many suspect. Judaism and Islam are closely related and much more similar to each other than Christianity. A fact that is largely overlooked by the majority of our society.

Ahmad Milad Karimi
Light over light
Deconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam

Whoever wants to do justice to religious thinking in Islam has to embark on intertwined paths and detours of the traditions of thought, dialogical, controversial and deconstructive. Because Islam shows itself as an intertwining of religion and philosophy, of belief and thought, ...

Ahmed M.F. Abd-Elsalam
Theology and norms in transition
On the Islamization of old Arab legal norms

Not everything we see or understand as religious actually has religious origins. Ahmed M. F. Abd-Elsalam deals with a very early phase of Islam in which the boundaries between ancient Arabic secular norms and emerging Islamic religious norms were not clearly defined.

"What is the human"

Yearbook of Islamic Theology and Religious Education 2016

The fifth volume of the yearbook for Islamic theology and religious education is devoted to the question of human beings and how they can be thought of as religious beings and creatures of God in the 21st century, in the shadow of scientific knowledge.

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Mouhanad Khorchide
God's false lawyers
The betrayal of Islam

“Much of what we Muslims call Islamic today is simply the product of political manipulation. It is therefore no exaggeration to claim that Islam has been held hostage by authoritarian rulers since shortly after the death of Muhammad - until today. "
Mouhanad Khorchide

Dina El Omari, Daniel Roters
Introduction to scientific work
130 pages, € 12.80, ISBN 978-3-9817590-6-8

This introduction to scientific work conveys general principles of good scientific practice and introduces subject-specific aids and reference works. Practical tips deal specifically with exam situations in addition to scientific work.

Anthology for the 2015 Muslim Theology Conference

Dina El Omari, Juliane Hammer, Mouhanad Khorchide (Eds.)
Muslim Women and Gender Justice

Concepts, Sources, and Histories
2019, 268 pages, ISBN 9781138494862

With contributions from international and renowned Islamic scholars and theologians, this volume presents the results of a lively discussion on the topic of the role of women in Islam and in Islamic theology. In thirteen essays, the authors deal with a multitude of aspects for a gender-equitable understanding of Islam from different contexts.

Islamic environmental theology

Sara Binay, Mouhanad Khorchide (ed.)
Islamic environmental theology
Ethics, Norm and Practice
The New Islamic Theology, Volume 1,

How can contemporary Islamic environmental ethics be determined? The example of Jordan shows how instructions derived from Islamic literature lead to concrete action. The series “Islamic Theology on the Move” is specifically devoted to studies and positions that aim to contribute to the establishment of an enlightened Islamic theology.

Anselm Grün and Ahmad Milad Karimi "In the heart of spirituality"

How Muslims and Christians can meet.
Two deep connoisseurs and convincing representatives of their faith in dialogue: A new look at the common treasures of spirituality.
Muslims and Christians live their religion in the ...

Falsafa - Yearbook for Islamic Philosophy of Religion

The first volume of the Yearbook for Islamic Philosophy of Religion: falsafa is published by the philosophical specialist publisher Karl Alber under the editorship of Prof. Dr. Ahmad Milad Karimi appeared. The yearbook is bilingual (German / English) dedicated to the area of ​​tension between religion and philosophy from the spirit of Islam ...

“The other prophet. Jesus in the Koran "

With Mouhanad Khorchide and Klaus von Stosch, a Muslim and a Christian author have jointly published a book about Jesus in the Koran for the first time. Your recently published work "The Other Prophet. Jesus in the Koran" shows that a common view in each of the two world religions broadens the understanding of Jesus and his message and thus opens up new perspectives - and is thus a fascinating ...

"Islam" - An easy-to-understand introduction to Islam for everyone

What do Muslims believe? Why do many Muslim women wear veils? What happens in a mosque? The well-known children's media maker Willi Weitzel, known for the show “Willi wills Wissen”, goes among other things. with the well-known Islamic theologian Mouhanad Khorchide to get to the bottom of these questions.

Hadith reading

Voluntary advanced seminar

As a voluntary advanced seminar on hadith studies, Dr. Şuayip Seven offers the students of the University of Münster an extended reading of hadiths. During the reading, the famous ʾUsūl work by Ibn Kaṯīr “ʾiḫtiṣār ʿUlūm al-ḥadīṯ” in the revision of the contemporary hadith scholar Aḥmad Muḥammad Šākir is translated from the original Arabic text into German ...

Why does God not exist and yet he is

“What if God doesn't exist?” This is the question with which Ahmad Milad Karimi invites you on an extraordinary theological road trip. We meet atheists and seekers of God, philosophers and mafiosi, Islamists and bottle spirits, poets, mystics and preachers, who all wrestle with the question of and about God. Milad Karimi shows how Islam is rediscovering itself and is at home precisely where you would never have expected it ...

Epistemology of the heart

In this work the aspects of knowledge of Islamic mysticism are examined. The author first examines the extent to which Sufism can be interpreted as genuine Islamic mysticism. He shows that Sufism is not only to be understood as an "initiatic path", but at the same time as a "spiritual science" that reflects on this path and has its own terminology ...

Traditional hadith hermeneutics

The hadith is the second most important written source of the Islamic religion after the Koran. Its authentic transmission and appropriate interpretation are the main themes of hadith science. There are two different approaches to this in traditional hadith science. The traditionalist school attached great importance to the authenticity of the hadith ...

Can Islam Still Be Saved?

H. Abdel-Samad / M. Khorchide

The fear of Islam is around in Europe. Rightly so, says Hamed Abdel-Samad, because he is a religion that calls for violence and discrimination. That is only one reading of the Koran, replies the Münster professor Mouhanad Khorchide and calls for a reformation for Islam, because it is essentially a religion of mercy. Against the background of the current crisis of faith, the Islamic ...


M. Khorchide, S. Qasem, M. Klapp

The handout is the result of the project seminar Salam-Online: Research Workshop Counter-Speech to Salafism and Islamic Extremism and is aimed at teachers who want to work on the subject of online hate speech and Islam. The brochure contains both basic information on Salafism as an educational challenge and possible theological replies, as well as ...

Being a Muslim in Germany

Muslim refugees arriving in Germany are entering a new world. Even one's own apparently familiar belief has a completely different color in Germany and is part of a completely different society than the usual. What does being a Muslim mean in Germany? Mouhanad Khorchide, whose concept of an Islam of Mercy has caused a sensation in Germany and far beyond ...

Religion? Ay Caramba!

M. Karimi / A. Ghandour / A. Schmidt and many others

"How do you feel about religion, Bart Simpson?" A strange question, given that the Simpsons' ironic look mockingly pulls traditional forms of spirituality through the yellow cocoa. And yet a very rewarding one! From a Christian, Islamic and Jewish perspective, theologians deal with the world of Homer and Marge, of Bart and Lisa and, in the mirror of the Simpsons, raise theological and religious questions ...

God's first name

Walter Cardinal Kasper / Mouhanad Khorchide

With publications and initiatives, Walter Cardinal Kasper has put the subject of "Mercy" at the center of theology and pastoral care. For Mouhanad Khorchide, professor for Islamic religious education at the University of Münster, mercy is at the center of a modern understanding of Islam. This book documents their conversation about what Christians and Muslims think about mercy ...

Introduction to the Qur'anic Studies

Dina El Omari's work "Introduction to Koran Studies" takes a descriptive approach and focuses primarily on the studies and results of Islamic scholarship, although Western research results are also included. The introduction to the Koran studies is therefore particularly suitable as a textbook for students of Islamic theology ...

Muslim scholars reread. Part 2

Yearbook of Islamic Theology 2015

Due to the strong response to the title “Yearbook for Islamic Theology and Religious Education. Muslim scholars reread ”, another issue is devoted to impressive biographies of Muslim scholars. Again, a number of Muslim scholars who may have been misunderstood in their merits are presented and original features of their teachings and their work are presented ...

Introduction to the Sciences of Hadith

Just in time for the start of the winter semester, another title appears in the “Islamic Theology Study Series”. The work "Introduction to the Sciences of Hadith, Its History and Literature" by Mohammad Gharaibeh follows a historical approach in the description of the development of the Islamic hadith studies and is therefore ideally suited as a textbook for the subject ...

Al-Azhar documents

The anthology, co-edited by ZIT staff member Ahmed MF Abd-Elsalam, comprises eight articles by seven Egyptian and Arab scholars of Islam who have dealt with the role of the largest Sunni religious institution and educational institution Al-Azhar during and after the recent Egyptian revolution 2011-2013. Some of the writers were in the process of creating ...

Dispute about Jesus

Klaus von Stosch, Mouhanad Khorchide (ed.)

The teaching of Jesus as the Christ is considered one of the most important points of contention between Islam and Christianity. Dealing with this question is a central task of contemporary theology. The volume explores how both religions approach Jesus, keeping an eye on the questions of the other religion and entering into a dialogue with it. Mainly systematic ...

Islam in European coexistence

Islam is part of Germany, ”is the widely acclaimed answer given by former Federal President Christian Wulff to the question of the role of Islam in a Western society. From an Islamic perspective, it can be formulated a little differently: "The practice of Islam is also possible in the context of European culture." Using the example of excerpts from the Quran and statements by Islamic scholars, the author shows ...

Together on the path 3–4

Mouhanad Khorchide, Frauke Döbber, Burcu Yilmaz

The newly published student book for Islamic religious education is characterized by its focus on denomination-oriented teaching, the student-friendly design with few, child-friendly texts and many appealing illustrations, as well as a clear chapter structure that offers you a guide for teaching. Competence orientation and the experience of religion with different senses ...

It is part of freedom to criticize the Koran

Hamed Abdel-Samad and Mouhanad Khorchide

The contrasts could hardly be greater: On the one hand, the Islam critic Hamed Abdel-Samad, who considers Mohammed a terrorist, and on the other hand, the Muslim theologian Mouhanad Khorchide, who campaigns for a liberal Islam. In this book, the most prominent actors in the current debate wrestle with one another. Personally, each other is valued, but the content of the conflict couldn't be bigger ...


With the third volume of the study series “Islamic Theology”, Raid Al-Daghistani introduces classical Arabic-Islamic philosophy (Falsafa). The present presentation is less based on cultural geographic areas or historical periods, but rather on basic questions of the Islamic philosophical discourse. After an insight into the history of the development of Falsafa and its location in the overall structure ...