Is it worth learning Esperanto?

Learn Esperanto

For many people who learn Esperanto, it is the first foreign language they learn voluntarily. There are now many ways to do this: in courses at adult education centers and local Esperanto groups, in an e-mail correspondence course with a mentor, in self-study with books or on the lernu! The virtual offers are usually free of charge. How long it takes to learn Esperanto depends on your previous knowledge. However, most can have simple conversations after forty hours of class.

For many people who learn Esperanto, it is the first foreign language they learn voluntarily. There are now many ways to do this, which are listed in the menu on the left.

How can I best learn Esperanto?

We are asked that over and over again. Of course, there is no one size fits all - everyone learns differently. Nevertheless, we have made certain observations over the course of time and therefore have some empirical values. We can also help with a comparison of the Esperanto correspondence courses.

Learning the basics in a course ...

Since there is not always and everywhere a course for every level on site, many people prefer to start right away with a free correspondence course. At some point it is important to get to know other people who speak Esperanto. This is the only way to put what you have learned into practice. One possibility, for example, is KEKSO, which takes place twice a year. Many people who speak Esperanto fluently today only really "took off" after meeting them for the first time; her language skills grew considerably within a very short time. This is not least due to the fact that one is simply more motivated when one experiences that Esperanto works properly in practice and that one is not alone. Especially for teenagers and young adults, the meetings with their many international contact possibilities make the real attraction.

and then go to meetings

We therefore recommend studying for a large event such as the JES on New Year's Eve, the Esperanto World Congress or the Esperanto World Youth Congress in July. So you have a specific goal in mind. Even if you've just started a correspondence course, it's worth going to a meeting. Most of the larger ones have courses for beginners anyway, and what you learn there will help you complete your correspondence course faster. In addition to the Esperanto course, you can also exchange ideas with other beginners and have a lot of fun there.

How long does it take?

You can't say in general how long it takes to speak Esperanto. That depends a lot on personal motivation. Knowledge of other languages ​​makes learning easier, of course. Most of them need around forty hours of lessons to learn grammar and basic vocabulary, followed by language practice to be able to speak it fluently.