What is your opinion on piercings

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Here is the opinion of our reader Mareike on a current discussion on Tehma piercings in business:

I would like to get rid of my opinion on a topic that was discussed in the media earlier this month and has to do with the acceptance of piercings in the public and the economy.

What happened?

The entrepreneur Prof. Henning Zos, head of the Zos group from Wenden, which manufactures nano technology, invited 44 schools from the region to a scientific conference to give interested young people an insight into the subject and to work in this sector inspire. Then the following sentence comes up in the invitation: "We are not addressing people with colored hair, tin on their faces and those who cannot lift their feet and can barely hold their trousers on their hips (...)." A tough discussion broke out in the media and the Minister of Economics of North Rhine-Westphalia even canceled his participation. Prof. Henning Zos still stands by his statement that a decent demeanor in companies is now a matter of course.

It may surprise one or the other, but I am of the opinion that if a company does not want to hire pierced, tattooed or brightly colored employees, then in my opinion you have to accept that. Here, however, the students were not invited to an interview, but to a science congress, which was initially intended to arouse interest among the students. The organizer can demand sensible behavior, but I find such harsh regulations regarding piercings etc. to be exaggerated. Above all, I am irritated by the fact that he speaks of respect and self-evident, but then lacks such unprofessional language. If he rejects an applicant because of his piercing, then he will certainly not say: "You had tin on your face". So why ask the students to adapt to his work standards if he himself does not keep the tone.

In principle, I also think it's not okay to refer to pierced people with “sheet metal on their faces”. You think of someone whose face is covered with at least 2kg of piercing jewelry, which in reality almost never happens. A Monroe piercing, a tongue piercing or a nose piercing are usually so subtle that they shouldn't shock anyone in professional life. But the professor makes no difference here either.

I think that these days you should be more relaxed about piercing in the workplace. And if you want to introduce your company to schoolchildren, you should first have questions other than piercing.

I know that older people in particular still perceive piercings as something impossible and I therefore also show consideration and even take out my piercing when I notice that it is somehow stressing these older people, but I find the present case excessive.