How can I discover hypnosis myself

Clear your mind? We tried self hypnosis

Breath in and out deeply. Sitting cross-legged, arms on legs, eyes closed. A female voice and the sound of the sea can be heard from my smartphone. The pleasant, gentle voice speaks to me for a good half an hour and puts me in a trance-like state. What's going on here? Well, I am being hypnotized for the first time in my life. But not from a hypnotist or therapist, but from an app. Well, hard times have unusual solutions.

Bernhard Tewes developed the Hypnobox app, with which I can hypnotize myself. Sounds kind of weird. Does it even work? First of all: I am not exactly convinced of hypnosis. I've tried yoga a couple of times, but the hippie in me hasn't really gotten into it. But no matter, given the current world situation, maybe a chance to relax body and soul. Alleged benefits that you read again and again: Short vacation for the soul and activation of the body's self-healing powers. Let's go.

When the app is opened for the first time, a little man appears on my display. The protagonist of an introductory explanatory video. The information from it: My mind consists of my consciousness and my subconscious. Nothing new. But what I didn't know: I only make five percent of my decisions consciously, 95 percent unconsciously. In addition, according to the male, our subconscious often decides differently than we consciously want. Reason: The subconscious is guarded by a bouncer who does not allow certain changes and new thoughts in. Okay, I can roughly imagine.

The whole point of hypnosis now is to get rid of the bouncer so that new thoughts and behaviors enter the subconscious.

The free version of the app offers various ready-made sessions and ten language and sound modules from which you can put together your own session. As a beginner, I first choose a ready-made suggestion from the list. The choices are: relaxation, restful sleep, better memory, doing and - actually - confidence in a crisis.

I choose the relaxation session (I really need it again). So, as described at the beginning: So I am sitting in my armchair, my eyes are closed and I am breathing calmly. After a few minutes, my muscles begin to relax. I usually only know from sunbathing on days off. Now and then I hear a S-Bahn passing through the closed windows. But it does not bother me. Surrounded by the sound of the sea, I feel right at home.

The woman in the app suggests quietly: “I now relax completely and feel very comfortable with it. Every single muscle fiber lets go and I breathe evenly with my stomach. ”The first person perspective helps me concentrate fully on myself. So relaxation from head to toe. A wave of goosebumps hits my body. So far it works really well, which I would not have thought before.

The app's voice starts counting down from ten. With each number I should relax more and feel more comfortable the deeper I go. That works too. I imagine a staircase on which I go down one step with every number. The voice becomes more and more positive: “My mind is calm and peaceful. I allow myself to go back into this wonderful state at any time. "

However, I don't feel like I am in another world. I can hear every sound around me and I am awake all the time. Later I find out that the makers * intended it that way. After a good half an hour, the session is over.

Result: I feel rested. And the bouncer who patrols in front of my subconscious? No idea. Many new thoughts did not come to me during the session. At least at this moment I am more rested than I have been since the beginning of the corona crisis - and I am satisfied too. So the app actually managed to calm down the critic.

However, I doubt that I am made for face-to-face hypnosis, which may even go beyond waking hypnosis. Who knows, maybe out of curiosity I'll make an appointment with a hypnotist once the corona crisis is over. And if it all takes longer than expected: For the time being, I'm armed against any wave of tension.

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