Is it uncomfortable to wear condoms?

The condom size is to blame

According to several studies it is Condom size To blame for condoms being so unpopular. The standard size of condoms is therefore often too big for him German average penis. It is just that 14.6 centimeters long and therefore shorter than most condoms, which have an average length of 17 centimeters show. Boys prefer sex without a condom instead of showing their nakedness, as reported by

Using condoms correctly: These are the mistakes you should avoid

"A terrible experience for men"

Can understand that too Davin Wedel, Chairman of the American condom brand myOne: "If you buy a small size condom and it's still too big, it's a terrible experience for men." Oooh the poor, realize that this terrible experience - ATTENTION IRONY - must be avoided in any case at the cost of possible sexually transmitted diseases! There is a paternity for some "lucky people", who would rather have sex without a condom than risk making their penis look too small, even free on top! (Psst, this guy got four girls pregnant because condoms are supposedly too small for him).

Penis sticker: this condom alternative is extremely dangerous!

Smaller condoms can help

In order not to let this uncomfortable situation arise in the first place, men prefer to have sex without a condom and use one of the above excuses to cover up their own insecurity. We girls should rather take care of contraception and ourselves Get a prescription pill (Sitting with your legs apart in the gynecological practice is also -ATTENTION AGAIN IRONY - so much more pleasant than messing around with condom sizes as a guy). Therefore our tip to the boys: There is also smaller condom sizeswho are still a SIZE Have an effect ;-)

Sex without contraception with a condom: What to watch out for

He doesn't want to use a condom during sex ?! Then you have two options: Either you refuse sex without a condom because protection against sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy can no longer be guaranteed. Or you can use another method of contraception, for example through the pill. But here you should keep in mind that a pill cannot protect against sexually transmitted diseases.