Which math REU programs do international students accept?

As part of the interdisciplinary, vocational field-oriented competencies, the Mathematics Department offers the module for a specialist internship in the Bachelor of Science Mathematics. The specialist internship can be carried out as an external internship in a company or as an internal internship in the mathematics department. In the latter case, the students learn in a team to practically implement a task with a factual reference to mathematics up to the creation of a software product.

The University of Tübingen's portal is the central point of contact for industrial internships.

In addition, the department currently has two offers that are specifically aimed at mathematics students:

  • Working group "NanoBioPhysics and Medical Physics" at the Institute for Applied Physics: We develop novel microscopy techniques for examining biological and medically relevant samples such as living cells. In a current project, we are developing a new type of scanning microscope that measures the 3-dimensional surface of particularly rough samples, e.g. cancer cells during the adhesion process, in an affine coordinate system. Since established display methods can no longer be used without further ado, the aim of this project is to evaluate new triangulation methods for visualizing the measurement data.
  • Bosch in Reutlingen: A component is installed in a plastic box, onto which a lid is automatically welded. In this process, the lids sink in to different depths, the sinking depth being measured in each case. The data obtained in this way are to be examined with the aim of investigating which influencing factors influence the sinking depth and how.