Is a slice of pizza healthy?

How many calories does a pizza have? Pizza alone doesn't make you fat!

When buying a pizza from a pizzeria, it is difficult to calculate the calories and nutritional values ​​that the pizza will contain. Only one thing is certain, you will eat a delicious pizza with delicious ingredients! ☺

If you are lucky enough to have a wood-fired oven, you could even choose the flour for the dough and the ingredients, and calculate the calories and especially the macronutrients such as proteins, fats and carbohydrates.


We'll tell you a truth that most of you don't know: pizza alone doesn't make you fat!

If pizza is included in the weekly calorie bill, you can even eat pizza every Saturday without feeling guilty!

The pizza margherita is for example a full mealbecause it contains approx. 1200 kcal and all the macronutrients that are part of a wholesome and balanced diet.

Now we come to the calculation of the calories of some pizzas.


Calories for homemade Margherita pizza

In order to calculate the calories but above all the nutritional values, it is important to start with the ingredients.

carbohydrates: If you make pizza yourself, you also decide the weight of the dough balls. For a 30 cm round pizza you use a dough ball of about 280g, which corresponds to 180g of flour, i.e. about 130g of carbohydrates. Overall are 620 kcal And from a calorie point of view, it doesn't matter whether you use type 00 flour, wholemeal flour or other types of flour.

Proteins: They are contained in both flour (9 to 12 g of protein per 100 g of flour) and in mozzarella. There is about 150 g of mozzarella on a piece of pizza Margherita. 360 kcal, 30g proteins.

Fats: Fats are in the mozzarella (25g of fats per 150g of mozzarella) and in the oil, 10g 90 kcal.

Calculate the calories contained in the chopped tomatoes: about 200g chopped tomatoes are approx. 50 kcal.


Flour 180 g620
Mozzarella 150 g360
Tomatoes 200 g50
Oil 10 g90
total1,120 kcal


If you want to top pizza as you please, you have to calculate differently.



Calories for homemade pizza crostino

When calculating the calories of the classic pizza crostino with mozzarella and raw ham, you also have to take into account 80g of ham, i.e. 180 kcal minus 50 kcal of the tomatoes.


Flour 180 g620
Mozzarella 200 g500
Ham 80 g180
Oil 10 g90
total1,390 kcal


Calories for homemade Ortolana pizza

The Ortolana pizza, which is perfect for those who love to eat vegetables, actually contains quite a few calories because the mozzarella and flour content is always the same. To reduce the calorie content, you can use less mozzarella and not pour oil over the baked pizza.


Flour 180 g620
Mozzarella 200 g500
Peppers, eggplant and zucchini50 
Oil 10 g90
total1,260 kcal


Calories for homemade pizza 4 Formaggi

Because of the cheese, this pizza is very high in calories. In the table you can find some cheeses that are usually used for this pizza. But of course you can use the cheeses you like best and calculate correctly how many calories your pizza provides.


Flour 180 g620
Mozzarella 100 g240
Gorgonzola 60 g190
Hard cheese (e.g. Fontina) 70 g240
Parmesan 50 g190
total1,480 kcal




You can't eat pizza every day, but you don't have to do without pizza altogether. If you eat a varied and healthy diet every day and choose the right types of flour and high-quality ingredients, you can definitely enjoy a delicious homemade pizza on Saturday evening! Enjoy. ☺

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