What is the GATE curriculum


The journals have been published by Bridge Verlag since 1998. Over the years we have improved the magazines with each issue. In the meantime, they have been adapted precisely to the needs of teachers and students. Articles are written by native English speakers and revised by methodologists. The combination of journalism and methodology is an ideal complement to English textbooks.

Bridge (B1-B2) is an English magazine for teenagers and young adults. It contains news from around the world, long articles, and tests.

Gate (A2-B1) is the lifestyle-oriented magazine. She mostly deals with pop culture and teenage issues. It is generally aimed at teenagers with a relatively low level of English.

Ready (A1-A2) is the most child-oriented magazine. She uses introductory English and short texts that often deal with children's interests.

Play (A0 – A1) is aimed at beginners between the ages of 8 and 12. The texts are shortened to very short sentences with words from the basic vocabulary. The exercises are based on pictures. Each issue has its own vocabulary focus, such as family, travel, etc., which runs like a red thread through the magazine. Above all, the magazine aims to encourage young English students to learn English in the easiest and most entertaining way possible.