Where does DCEU stand against MCU

Future of MCU and DCEU: These are the challenges Marvel and DC face now

Since 2008 (“Iron Man”) and 2013 (“Man of Steel”) the MCU and the DCEU have been entertaining us with several films a year. Marvel is now even ringing in phase 4. But can the mega film universes even continue to improve? Here you can find out what Marvel and DC urgently need to change in order to continue to be the measure of all things.

MCU: Sometimes less is more

23 films have appeared in the MCU by 2020 - no wonder that casual moviegoers have long since lost an overview. The problem of the Marvel Universe, which is so ingeniously interlinked: it is now beyond the scope and is hardly accessible to non-experts. If you want to get in now, you actually have to rummage through various prequels and of course all the Avengers films to begin to understand what it's about.

Marvel: All of the MCU's films in chronological order

With the current and upcoming Disney Plus series such as “WandaVision” or “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier”, the MCU is even more confusing and complex. The big question is how the studio will deal with the increasing mass of characters, actors and timelines in the long term - or whether a major reset will be necessary at some point.

DCEU: Moving away from the big team-up films

While Marvel carefully positioned its three flagships Iron Man, Thor and Captain America with solo films and then let the big get-together follow, DC did the exact opposite. Justice League was released in 2017 at an early stage when neither Aquaman, Flash nor Cyborg were established characters. That should take revenge, because Justice League was a flop in many ways and could not score even with the strong figures.

DC Movies: Order of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and Co.

“Batman v Superman” (2016) did not reach its full potential either. Where Marvel convinces with a coherent overall universe and brilliant cross references, DC clearly lags behind. The strengths of the DC Extended Universe, on the other hand, are standalone films that don't have to fit into the grid, but rather tell their own story. Examples of this are “Wonder Woman” (2017) or “Aquaman” (2018), both of which have their own tone of voice and were well received by the audience.

Conclusion: In the future, DC should focus on its strengths and produce strong individual films instead of orienting itself towards the interwoven Marvel cosmos. Things could go in the right direction in 2022 with “The Batman”.

The great dependence on actors in the MCU

In the first three phases, Marvel could rely entirely on figureheads such as Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans or Scarlett Johansson. Together with Mark Ruffalo and Chris Hemsworth they formed the original Avengers and embodied the MCU to perfection for years. With the deaths of Iron Man and Black Widow and the departure of Captain America, this era has now come to an end.

Farewell to the MCU? So Captain America, Iron Man & Co. could come back

It remains to be seen whether the MCU can compensate for these huge losses. Because in contrast to the comics, where superheroes regularly die and come back in a different form, the film characters simply live from the actors. Just assume once that Falcon would take over Cap's shield in the future - nothing would be won, because the fans are now attached to Chris Evans. Without him, Downey Jr. and Johansson, of course, there will be no new Avengers film in sight anytime soon.

Marvel is now facing the mammoth task of making relatively new superheroes such as Doctor Strange, Captain Marvel and Scarlet Witch into new figureheads. It remains to be seen whether Benedict Cumberbatch, Brie Larson and Elizabeth Olsen can shape the brand as much as their predecessors.

DCEU: Who is actually in charge here?

The DCEU has been ailing for a long time because of a missing supervisor who holds all the strings in hand and coordinates film and series projects. At Marvel, mastermind Kevin Feige fulfills this huge task, who brilliantly holds the whole MCU together. In the meantime it looked as if Zack Snyder could take over the task for the DC. However, when he left the Justice League project in the middle of it due to a private tragedy, the film ended in chaos. The jumped in Joss Whedon could not fulfill Snyder's vision and drove the film against the wall.

Justice League - Snyder Cut finally with a start date: All information about the film

The result: Snyder took on the blockbuster with a huge budget again and implemented his Snyder Cut. Especially a shame: Despite his previous knowledge and experience with comic adaptations, Snyder is probably not considering a role in the film universe. If instead Warner Bros. continues to force certain cuts on the directors, the DCEU will suffer. What happens when a filmmaker like Patty Jenkins has a free hand with Wonder Woman speaks for itself.

Five comic adaptations every year: signs of fatigue?

A problem that affects both Marvel and DC: The audience is gradually becoming saturated. While Marvel’s The Avengers 2012 was an unprecedented highlight, after the fourth Avengers film in seven years at the latest, the excitement was not that great. The "Endgame" performed so well anyway, probably also had something to do with the beloved cast.

MCU Phase 4: Marvel's Plans After Avengers: Endgame

Marvel and DC will have to worry about how to keep audience interest high despite the flurry of movies. Fewer productions per year could be a possibility. Just like the return of extremely popular characters, for example Blade.

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