How strong are our intuitions

Intuition - listening to your inner voice

Are you familiar with the following situation: You receive an offer. Your mind and your emotions find you should get into the deal. But something in you is transverse. Your intuition, also known as gut feeling, does not make you feel completely comfortable with the matter. Something is wrong, yes You can't explain it rationally and emotionally. We often make decisions at the mind level and only later come to the realization that our 6th sense was right. In this article, we'll tell you why it helps to use our inner voice when making decisions.

Intuition as a guide

We learn very early to trust our mind and make decisions with it. That is not bad in and of itself. However, over the years we forget more and more to include both our intellect and our intuition. This does not mean emotions that stem from bad experiences, but our gut feeling. That sensation that becomes loud when something about a situation or person strikes us as strange. The mind makes rational decisions intuition does not analyze, it senses.

Expression of the sixth sense

Body sensations

You are talking to someone you do not yet know. What the other person is talking about sounds good, but it does Your body sends you signals. These sensations can occur in different regions, but are usually oppressive. So your intuition is expressed as a warning about your body out.

Inner images

You are sure to know moments when you are taken by surprise by someone. In the moment and in the presence of the other person, it feels kind of right. But as soon as you are alone, reflect on yourself and leave out the arguments of your interlocutor, the inner voice emerges. It can also take the form of show clear inner images. For example, as your own idea of ​​what the situation would look like if it were right.

Emotional agitation

It is not uncommon for us to a bad feeling about something to have. However, then we become convinced by other people that our concerns are unfounded. We let ourselves be convinced, but we don't feel good about it. The more we indulge in something, the more troubled it becomes. Emotional turmoil is often an unmistakable sign for choosing against our intuition.

Listen to the inner voice

So the next time you make an important decision, include intuition in addition to your mind. If you keep leaving your gut feeling out of the way, you will always find yourself in situations that you will regret sooner or later. In addition, over time you forget how to work with your sixth sense. He is here to help and wants your attention. Mind and intuition are a good combinationthat can be used.

Strengthening intuition

Your inner voice likes to be noticeable if you are mindful. That means when you are not stressed or are stressed. So if you come across an important decision again, Include your sixth sense:

  • Stop and hear what comes up immediately.
  • Write down the images, thoughts, or feelings that come up.
  • Move into mindfulness and away from judgment.
  • Write down what your mind has to say. That leaves room for intuitive objections.
  • Make a note of when your intuition was right. That strengthens your confidence in them.

Our inner voice is an important gift that gives us was given from birth. Our minds have their place and make perfect sense. Nevertheless, intuition has already saved many people from the wrong decision, or steered them in the right direction. Let yourself be controlled: The mind sets the pace, the intuition the direction! In this sense: have a good trip.

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