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Getting the ring off your finger: 3 tips for wrestling without violence

How do I get my ring off my finger? - don't panic!

No matter why you can't get the ring off your finger - don't panic and don't try to force it. Especially if your ring finger is swollen or injured, just tugging will only make things worse. Keep calm and try the following home remedies. In an absolute emergency, you can always have the ring cut open by the jeweler; but it doesn't have to come to that.

Trick 1: lubricant for a happy new year

If your finger is not injured, you can try to remove the ring from your finger with a lubricant. In principle, you can use anything that slips for this, including:

• Hand cream • Vegetable oil • Butter • Shortening • Liquid soap

Rub the entire finger with the lubricant and then turn the ring while moving it back and forth a little bit as best you can. There should now be enough lubricant under the ring so that you can pull it off your finger with careful twisting movements.

Trick 2: Let your fingers cool and swell

Women in particular sometimes suffer from swollen limbs, especially in summer. If you want to get a ring off a swollen finger, you can use a very simple trick: hold your finger for some time in cold water that you have previously mixed with some liquid soap. You can add ice cubes to lower the water temperature. However, make sure it doesn't get so cold that you experience pain. As a result of the cooling, the finger swells at best so that you can then simply pull the ring off the now narrower finger.

Trick 3: String trick to loosen the ring from your finger

This trick takes some skill, but is usually very effective. You will need a long piece (one to one and a half meters) of floss or thread and a sewing needle. In the video you can see how you can use the thread trick to get the ring off your finger:

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