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Yoga style: which yoga suits me? Take the test now!

Thousands of years old and not a bit rusty: Today yoga is at least as versatile as it is effective. Whether to reduce stress, to define the body or just to clear your head - yoga can do a lot!

Today there are around 130 protected yoga variants. Classically, yoga consists of asanas (postures), breathing (pranayama) and meditation. The aim is to bring body and mind into harmony and to relax completely. Some yoga styles rely on long holding and intensive breathing, while others rely on dynamic processes in which the muscles are challenged.

But which yoga is right for you? That depends entirely on your personal taste. When looking for a yoga class, you can choose between more traditional orientations and meditations or modern variants that will make you sweat a lot. Dynamic and powerful or would you prefer calm and flowing? You can find out which yoga style promises the most relaxation for you in our test:

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Sporty types of yoga

Ashtanga Yoga: The main focus here is on fitness and the right breathing technique. This type of yoga makes you sweat properly and stimulates blood circulation, fat burning and lymph flow. If you are not afraid of exertion and like to work out, this is the right place for you.

Jivamukti Yoga: This yoga is also based on intense and sweaty exercises. The dynamic elements are usually performed fluently and to music.

Power Yoga: Spirituality is written in lower case in Power Yoga. Instead of meditation and mantras, it is more about pushing the body to its limits. Power Yoga is based on the methods of dynamic and flowing Ashtanga Yoga, in which powerful exercises with conscious breathing techniques are performed.

Bikram Yoga: Bikram yoga, also known as hot yoga, is exactly the right thing for all sauna fans, because here you train at high room temperatures of approx. 35-40 degrees and a humidity of 40 percent. The high temperatures are said to stimulate the muscles and tendons and sweating detoxifies the body.

Iygenar Yoga: With the help of blocks, belts or chairs, the neck and back muscles are trained in order to avoid bad posture, tension and pain.

Anti-Gravity Yoga: This type of yoga is also known as aerial yoga and is somewhat reminiscent of aerial acrobatics. During the training you dangle upside down in colorful trapezoidal towels from the ceiling. The constant balancing strengthens the deep muscles, which stand on the head should stimulate the metabolism and be good for the hormonal balance. In addition, this yoga is gentle on the joints, as there is no weight on them when floating.

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Need a break from everyday life? 10 minutes of relaxation yoga

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Relaxed styles of yoga

Hatha Yoga: This yoga style is ideal for all yoga beginners and people who are less physically fit, as it is mainly gentle and relaxed exercises that are performed here. Breathing exercises and meditation are an important part of Hatha Yoga. Particularly good for the heart and circulation and for reducing stress.

Kundalini Yoga: Kundalini Yoga is also based on meditative breathing exercises and spiritual forms. During the training, mantras are also chanted to bring the mind into harmony.

Luna Yoga: This yoga is aimed primarily at women, as the exercises are specially adapted to the female body. The pelvic floor muscles should be strengthened in order to regulate the hormones and positively stimulate the female cycle. In addition, special reflex zones are stimulated in Luna Yoga in order to put the sexual organs into a deeply relaxed state.

Anusara Yoga: This yoga primarily appeals to people who sit at a desk all day. Bad posture and lack of exercise should be balanced out through precise exercises in which the individual anatomy of the yogi is in the foreground.

Intuitive yoga: Intuitive yoga has a particularly relaxing effect on body and mind. Practitioners learn to let go through calm and gentle exercises, to take their time and to switch off completely.

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Get to know yoga intensively at festivals

A great way to find out which style of yoga suits you best is through yoga festivals. On such occasions, many styles are featured that you can participate in directly. In addition, yoga festivals usually take place in very beautiful locations, there are workshops, good food and a relaxed atmosphere. Big festivals like Wanderlust even take place internationally. Smaller festivals such as the Karma Cologne Yoga Festival are no less impressive.

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