Where can I deposit money

Deposit and withdraw ING money - that's how it works

As a customer of ING, previously ING-Diba, the cash supply is assured. With your giro card, you can get free cash at more than 1,200 ING ATMs in Germany. If you also have a Visa credit card, there are as many as 58,000 ATMs available in Germany. In contrast, you cannot simply deposit cash at the direct bank. After all, as a direct bank, ING does not have its own branches where you can deposit cash at the counter.

However, there are several ways in which you can deposit large amounts of cash into your ING bank account. In principle, you can deposit money into your ING account at almost any bank. However, you have to expect additional fees, which vary depending on the credit institution.

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Deposit free cash into the ING account using ATMs

Paid-in cash should reach 100 percent in your account. Therefore, you should only take advantage of the free cash deposit. You can do this at some ING Bank ATMs. Unfortunately, there are only a few machines with a deposit function at ING. Below we explain how to find an ATM with a deposit function.

  • Go to the ATM search on the ING website.

  • Click the button "> Find an ATM now"to start the search.

  • When you call up the page from your smartphone, the website tries to determine your current location. You may need to confirm that. If that doesn't work, enter the postcode at the top left (step 1) where you are looking for a machine with cash deposit

  • Then click on the orange button with the three horizontal bars below the search field and select "ING ATMs”(Step 2).

  • To view the search results, click the magnifying glass (step 3). In the browser on the desktop PC, you can see the ATMs found on the right-hand side of the screen. On the smartphone, you have to tap the lower orange button with the three horizontal bars (step 4).

  • You can recognize ATMs with a deposit function by the addition "GA with deposit function”Behind the name of the location.

The ING ATM search step-by-step


At the machines marked "GA with deposit function" you can make deposits from five euros up to 5,000 euros per day. The annual deposits are limited to 25,000 euros, which should be sufficient for private customers.

Unfortunately, you cannot deposit cash at the counter for free

As an ING customer, you have also been able to deposit money at the counter in the past. Here ING worked together with ReiseBank AG, which has a nationwide branch network. The branches are usually located in conveniently located locations such as train stations or airports.

Up until May 1st, 2021, depositing cash into your ING account was free of charge. ING assumed the costs incurred for the customer. From May 1st, 2021 ING Bank will no longer assume the costs for single payments. This means that you have to pay one percent of the deposit amount, but at least 7.90 euros, to the travel bank for cash deposits into your ING account. For the individual payment of 1,000 euros, a fee of ten euros is then incurred. Payouts at the travel bank are also subject to charges for ING customers.

Withdraw money free of charge at ING DiBa ATMs

In contrast to ATMs with an individual payment function, you will find significantly more machines nationwide where you can withdraw money from your current account. With a total of 1,200 ATMs in Germany, ING offers free withdrawals from 50 euros. With the free Visa card, you can get free cash at around 58,000 ATMs with the Visa logo across Europe.

As an ING customer, you can also receive free cash at numerous supermarket checkouts in Germany. Often the minimum purchase value is only five euros and you get paid out up to 200 euros. These vendors offer cash at their cash registers:

  • dm
  • Netto Marken-Discount
  • REWE
  • PENNY market
  • toom hardware store

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