Why is Pune Airport so poorly maintained

Airport horror: These are the worst airports in the world

Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle: an ugly maze

Of all the hideous airports, Charles-de-Gaulle in Paris is the most hideous. Even the gigantic rotundas and ridiculous concrete pipes are an aesthetic impertinence. Worse, the largest aéroport in France is a single logistical derailment. You won't find anything. Signs lead astray, at best into the void. Anyone who relies on the grotesque arrows on the walls, for example, is deadly wrong when looking for access to the local public transport network.

If you have to change the terminal and are dependent on the almost impossible to find shuttle bus, you should not allow for less than two hours of transfer time. The information staff guarantees no help for straying people. It only knows the immediate vicinity of its own location and at best knows where to find a toilet the fastest. In short: Charles-de-Gaulle is a juggernaut in the worst sense - impersonal, confusing, ludicrously ugly. This place is absolutely unworthy of the cultural city of Paris. Tilman Krause

Berlin-Schönefeld: The waiting time is longer than the flight

If a sidewalk in Berlin is broken and full of potholes, the administration puts up signs: "Warning, sidewalk damage". She never got the idea of ​​repairing the damage. If masses of passengers have been jammed at counters and security gates at Berlin Schönefeld Airport for years, a smart administration could build more counters, buy more effective control devices, and hire more staff.

But it doesn't - instead, the airlines are told that the conditions are bad and will remain bad. The airlines are forced to pass the pressure on: Easyjet